What Is A Rotovap?

A rotary evaporator (rotovap) is a device used in chemical laboratories to eliminate solvents from samples by evaporation efficiently and gently.


N-1100D rotovap is a small rotary evaporator, also known as a mini rotary evaporator, sold directly by our company. It is an important piece of equipment for separation, crystallization, drying, purification, recycling, and other operations in biopharmaceuticals, medicine, chemistry, and chemical engineering because it is inexpensive, simple to operate, and of high quality.


1. Product patent certificate with CE and ISO certification.

2. The rotating bottle can be raised and lowered manually or electrically, with knob button adjustment, a digital display, and simpler operation.

3. A rotating bottle with a capacity of 0.5-2L and a receiving bottle with a capacity of 1L, both of which are suitable for vacuum distillation extraction of small materials.

4. It weighs only 9.5kg, has a small volume, and takes up no space.

5. The bracket is constructed of 304 stainless steel, which is both strong and long-lasting. The rotating bottle, receiving the bottle, and condenser are all made of high-quality, break-resistant borosilicate glass.

6. The motor and circuit are imported, and they can be upgraded to be explosion-proof, safer, and have a longer service life.

7. This machine employs advanced frequency conversion technology and electronic speed regulation to ensure the motor's stable operation. As a result, this machine has a high evaporation rate and a high recovery rate.

8. Bathing can help to reduce the amount of damage done during the lifting process. During low boiling point evaporation, collecting bottles can be immersed in the bath, reducing secondary evaporation.

9. Using Japanese technology - AC induction motor, step-less speed regulation, no brush, no spark, and the ability to work for an extended period.

10. The collecting bottle has a mouth ball milling connection, is easy to load and unload, and has high sealing.

11. The chassis, bath, main rod, and shaft of the re-201d rotary evaporator are made of high-quality stainless steel for a beautiful appearance and corrosion resistance.

12. Intelligent temperature control, water and oil bath, are becoming more popular. The temperature fluctuation is relatively small, only 0.2°°C, evaporation is more stable, and the material is not easily washed away.

After Sales Service:

Following the sale:

1. We provide lifetime free maintenance.

2. Overseas training is available for technical engineers.

3. Technical consultation via the internet is available.

4. Installation is aided by video.

5. Some accessories are replaced for free.

Grouped equipment:

The N-1100D rotovap comes with a DLSB-5/10 low-temperature coolant circulation pump and SHZ-D (Ⅲ) circulating water vacuum pump.

What is the working principle of the rotary evaporator?

It is heated to a constant temperature and rotated under negative pressure to form a film while the solvent evaporates and condenses for recovery. It is especially useful for heat-sensitive materials concentration, crystallization, separation, and healing.

What are the applications of the rotary evaporator?

It is commonly used in the biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, chemical, and chemical industries for separation, crystallization, drying, purification, and other operations.

What are the accessories for the rotary evaporator's glass part?

The system comprises the condenser, rotating bottle, receiving the bottle, four-way bottle, feeding piston (with PTFE tube), and glass through the shaft.

What are the key features of the new rotary evaporator?

The water bath has an electric lifting system, a beautiful look, the motor part is driven by a belt, and the rotation is quieter, the controller is easier to operate, the water bath has an insulation cover, the sealing part is an imported flange, and the sealing is better.

What is the rotary evaporator's supporting equipment?

SHZ-C circulating water vacuum pump, SHZ-d (iii) circulating water vacuum pump, DLSB cryogenic coolant circulation pump

Small Rotary evaporator

RE-201D Rotary Evaporator - 2L Rotary Evaporator is a small rotary evaporator with a capacity of 2000ml. A 304 stainless steel water bath provides a heat source with a temperature range of ±2 °C.

  • The evaporator can be adjusted horizontally from 0 to 45°.
  • The vertical condensation system has a high evaporation rate.
  • A good sealing performance is provided by PTFE evaporating pipe and Fluorine rubber mat.
  • Digital temperature display with automatic temperature management.
  • Evaporating and receiving flasks made of GG-17 high borosilicate glass.
  • 110 V/60 Hz is a customizable voltage and frequency.


1. Condenser:

The inner tube is spiral which increases the length of the tube and makes the cooling area larger. So the condensation would be more efficient.

2. GG-17 High Borosilicate Glass:

The Temp Range is between 100C – 400C, high acid and alkali resistant.
High-temperature resistance, high strength and hardness.

Feed rapidly, no residual and easy cleaning.

3. Free lift heating bath

One can adjust the height according to the requirement.

4. Motor

  • International copper wire
  • Continuous operation and stable
  • CE approved
For the perfect use of the entire rotary evaporator system, one may need the following equipment:

- Circulating vacuum pump

- Diaphragm vacuum pump

- Low-temperature coolant circulation pump

- Low-temperature constant temperature reaction bath

- Circulating cooler

- Constant temperature circulator

- Low-temperature circulation pump

Following the sale

- One year of warranty servicing and lifetime maintenance.

- Overseas training is available for technical engineers.

- Some parts are available for free exchange.

- Consultation on remote control technology

- Complimentary installation DVD

- Plan for upkeep


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