Spending Christmas in Mykonos
If there is an island that knows how to celebrate life in every shape or form, year-round, that would probably be Mykonos. Cosmopolitan yet humble. Luxurious, still enchanting with her natural beauties. Loud and, at the same time, peaceful enough for those me-moments. And, although the summertime parties and lavish lifestyle have given Mykonos her profound global appeal, you’d be surprised by how much of a royalty this island actually is. Indeed, Mykonos pampers her guests when visiting her quarters, be it during the high season or Christmas. In fact, coming to Mykonos just before the end of the year will give you, probably, the most authentic Greek island experience. Here is what to expect!

1. The inviting Christmas Mykonos – The decorations!

The island of the Winds welcomes you with lots of lights and Christmas decorations that follow you around the island and its charming cobbled streets. Everything is bright and festive while a sense of lightheartedness and joy swirls in the air.

The houses are being freshened-up with some milky-white paint, and the children visit homes, asking the residents if they want to hear the carols. If the landlord says yes, the kids sing the Christmas carols and get some treats or money in return!

What you won’t see during Christmas in Mykonos, though, is a Christmas tree adorning the town squares of the island. This is because the Greek islands have their own tradition and decorate a small boat model, symbolising their deep connection with the sea.

2. A Christma-bulous Mykonos – What to eat!

The Christmas Eve finds the women (and chefs!) of Mykonos in a cooking frenzy, preparing for the Christmas feast and filling the streets with the delectable aromas of the Christmas cookies, the traditional “kourambiedes” (delicious Greek butter cookies with almonds and generous layers of icing sugar), “melomakarona” (egg-shaped dessert with honey and walnuts), “diples” (pretty much like angel wings, dipped in syrup), and other Greek pudding staples!

Of course, the most signature Christmas food throughout Greece is Christopsomo (meaning the bread of Christ), which is made with flour, orange, cinnamon, and walnuts while bearing a cross sign on its top. Once it is baked, the homeowners share a piece of it with the other members of the family (or friends or relatives) that sit on the Christmas table after the head of the house blesses it.

As for the Christmas table itself, it tends to have slow-roasted (if put in the oven) or slowly-cooked (if made on a pit) lamb or pork and is usually paired with local wine and lots of singing and dancing!

3. Festive Mykonos – The Christmas events

The pre-Christmas festivities are the beginning of a celebratory period that lasts till January 6th, when the Greeks celebrate Epiphany (The Holy Theophany). So, for nearly three weeks, the entire island turns into an open-air merry-land with numerous cultural events taking place at the Old Port. Expect to be greeted with highly skilled musicians playing bagpipes, violins, and other traditional musical instruments inviting everybody to dance in the fast Cycladic rhythms and join dances whose moves mimic the waves of the sea! There are also many fun things for the little ones, so it is a great time to visit Mykonos with the family.

4. Celebrating Christmas with the Privacy Level you Desire

Apart from open-air celebrations, you will also find plenty of venues organising special Christmas and New Year’s festivities involving delicious food and music. In fact, most 5* hotels, like Kivotos Hotels, provide their guests with the opportunity to join a festive dinner and special soirees at a world-class, in-house restaurant or even offer a private dining experience for you onboard a privately-owned yacht, from where you’ll be able to watch the firework displays and swirl to the tempo of the music away from the crowds!

In any case, Mykonos will deliver on your expectations without missing its shine, grandeur, and luxury if traditional Greek island Christmas is what your heart desires this year!