water heater

No wonder every home appliance requires your attention from time to time. But many people believe that water heaters don’t require attention and care for the year which is not true. Though this home appliance has special parts which can bear the continuous heating as well as cooling that doesn’t mean you can leave it as it is for a long time.

The geyser can face troubles during installation as well as other times when you don’t look after it. Thus, it is essential that one should take special care of this appliance. Otherwise, you might end up spending on its repair than the actual price.

Tips to install geyser the right way

Here are some of the tips which can help you install your geyser the right way:
  • Space - While installing the geyser, try to keep space between the apparatus as well as the wall. In case, it requires service or repair then it can be done properly. Otherwise, it will create a hindrance for the electrician.
  • Height - Most people don’t ponder much on the height of the geyser. It should be around 1.8 meters from the ground. This way the water pressure will reach it and will not create any trouble.
  • Electrical connections as well as switches - It is essential that the appliance is connected to MCB so that there are no power fluctuations. Also, it will avoid any short circuits. Moreover, the electrical switches of the water geyser should be at some height so that the children cannot reach them easily.

Tips to maintain the geyser

After knowing everything about installing the geyser the right way, it is now time to know the tips to maintain it properly. Here are some of the tips mentioned below to maintain your geyser:
  • Avoid leaving it on for a long time - Many people leave their instant water heater on for long durations which is not the right thing to do. A geyser can heat the water within 5 minutes but leaving it on for a long time can affect its longevity. Thus, avoid doing this.
  • Lower the temperature - If you want to maintain your geyser then try lowering its temperature. This way you can avoid accidental burns, lowering the longevity of the appliance, and can save electricity. Also, you will never stop having hot water.
  • Keep a check on anode rod - Whether you have bought a geyser online or offline, every geyser has an anode rod in it. This is useful to get rid of rust, or other impurities available in the water. However, the rod can corrode within a few years. Thus, getting it replaced after some time is highly essential. This way your geyser will work effectively.
  • Never skip annual maintenance - People think that annual maintenance is not meant for the geyser. However, getting annual maintenance can avoid any replacement before time and is cheaper than the actual geyser price.


One cannot do without a geyser. This is one of the important home appliances. The above-mentioned tips to install and maintain it can be very helpful if you follow them religiously. Thus, do follow them to avoid any trouble.