Who would ever think that the idyllic Mykonos Island is a superb destination for Christmas! Most of us have associated the cosmopolitan island with luxury, summertime fun, and vibrant nightlife. We tend to forget that, down to its core, it’s one of the most scenic Greek islands! Indeed, the Queen of the Cyclades is the perfect getaway from the hectic modern life and enables visitors to enjoy a long-awaited winter holiday on a beautiful, serene, Mediterranean island. And, admittedly, the festive season around Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year to be in Mykonos.

Why choose Mykonos for your Christmas vacation?

Many reasons could put you and your loved one or family on that plane to Mykonos before Christmas. Truthfully, the lovely weather, warm waters, and scenic seascapes make it hard for visitors not to fall in love with this island year-round. Mykonos is an archetypal Aegean island blessed with luxuriant vegetation, small villages tucked among the pine-clad hills, and spectacular sunsets. Plus, it’s also famous for its long sandy beaches and crystalline-clear sea that can be admired in the winter from the comfort of your stylish hilltop villa or by taking leisure beach strolls (or while horseback riding).

With Christmas enjoying far fewer tourists than in the summertime, you also get the opportunity to indulge in authentic Greek cuisine or explore architectural wonders like the world-famous Mykonos windmills without enduring the hot weather or the thousands of people doing the same thing at the exact same time as you.

Moreover, it's easy to get around and meet friendly locals who are always eager to share their stories with visitors and make them part of their daily routine. This routine shifts into something much more festive and glamorous, though, around Christmas, without ever losing its genuine character with extremes of any sort.

How to spend your time in Mykonos at Christmas

You can definitely get involved in festive activities. From Christmas markets and live Nativity performances to various other activities, there's always something going on at Christmas time in Mykonos. You may also want to listen to local traditions. The locals have many customs passed on to them by their great-grandparents that they continue throughout the years. Some include celebrating Christmas through traditional songs and dances, while others involve daily life celebrations like baptisms or weddings. And to maximize the benefits of your stay here during Christmas, we recommend hiring a car to explore the island thoroughly, visit all corners of the island, and enjoy its appeal from every perspective.

Other things to do in Mykonos in the winter

Even if you are not around during the celebrations of the new year, Mykonos can still please you, offering a relaxing vacation or a family getaway with many unique activities that will keep your holiday active and entertaining. For example, you could start the day exploring the Old Town or hiking up to the "Valley Of The Windmills." You may also consider enjoying an evening at scenic "Kastro," visit some of the 600+ churches on the island, shop in the local villages, or go to Little Venice and pamper yourself with heart-stopping views of the Aegean Sea.

Of course, you can always go after more private experiences, such as private dining and even spa-like treatments at your chic mansion, by choosing from a long list of concierge services offered by your Mykonos luxury estate rental agency. Just ask a chef to prepare a delicious local meal in your kitchen or another requirement you have and see it being fulfilled pronto.

In any case, enjoy!