Are you looking around for ways to add a touch of glamour and spark to your home gardens? You have a plethora of decorative items to choose from on the internet or local stores.

Garden statues and idols are a popular choice in many homes. These are often called lawn ornaments. A Ganesh garden statue is believed to usher in prosperity and good luck to your home. Here are a few choices to select the right material for a garden statue.

Natural Stone Idol

According to the Hindu American Foundation, Hindus look at statues and idols of God for mental peace and serenity.

Natural stone is the most common choice of material for garden Ganesh statues. These stone statues are either carved with granite or marble. Compared to concrete, cast stone, or other types of materials, they are more durable and sturdy. The beauty of marble is unparalleled for lawn d├ęcor.

Statuary Bronze

There is an extensive range of bronze Ganesh sculptures available to decorate your garden. These kinds of statues are meant for the outdoor environment and give an aesthetic appearance to your gardens.

Exposure to direct sunlight may damage the shine and look of bronze Ganesh statues. So, bronze idols are preferred if they are periodically cared for and maintained with the proper steps and kept in a location that does not get direct sunlight.


Concrete is a widely used material for garden statues. A concrete Ganesh garden statue is a cheap and easily available option. You can always install large-sized Ganesh concrete idols in your garden.
Although an affordable option, concrete is prone to damage due to extreme weather conditions. A freezing climate can make your garden's Ganesh statue crack and thaw. Hence, choose the right material according to your climatic conditions.

Ceramic or Porcelain

Ceramic or Porcelain Ganesh statues are commonly found in local stores. These have a colourful and appealing look that can grab eyeballs. Ceramic idols have intrinsic designs that give them a unique look.

Overexposure to heat or cold can damage these statues. You should place a ceramic Ganesh garden statue in a shady and inaccessible place in your garden to prevent any damage.

Stainless Steel

Steel is resistant to rusting and pitting. A steel garden statue has a higher resistance compared to any other material. It can be maintained well with minimum care and caution.


It takes an expert artist to carve a beautiful wooden Ganesh statue. This idol can beautify your garden and give a positive outlook to your home. Keeping it away from sunlight or rain can minimize the wear and tear of the statue. A neem wood Ganesh statue can give a unique look to your home garden.

A painted statue should always come with a coating of a statuary sealant. This will help in retaining the vibrant colour of the idol for many years.

Garden art is a treasure to hold for a lifetime. Proper maintenance of garden artefacts is an inevitable task. A broken or damaged Ganesh idol is believed to spread negativity to your homes. Selecting the right material and placing it properly is vital for a garden Ganesh statue.