Instagram Videos

With Millions of videos shared online daily, it may be challenging to get tonnes of views for your content. Since Instagram lifted the 15-second video limit to 60 seconds, the number of videos posted on Instagram has snowballed.

Instagram being a visual platform, dozens of brands are now finding it an ideal marketing platform. Ranging from video ads Instagram stories, or posts. All these can feature short videos to convey messages to your followers.

Having said that, getting hundreds of views for your Instagram videos requires planning, time, and effort if you want your videos to get the attention they deserve. If you struggle to increase views on your Instagram videos, this article offers helpful information that can help you get more views on every video you post.

#1. Edit Videos on Your Computer

Even though smartphones and iPhones come with inbuilt editing apps, they lack advanced editing features that come with other software like adobe premiere and others. Pre-editing videos on a computer enable you to produce high-quality videos.

Additionally, you can leverage video effects that come with editing software to add impact and improve the quality of your videos. Unlike smartphones, videos edited through a computer look more professional.

Aside from creating smooth transitions between shots, you can add intros to your videos. In other words, to produce high-quality professional video content for your Instagram account, consider editing videos via your computer.

#2. Share behind-the-scenes videos

To give a human element to your videos, share behind-the-scenes videos of your company. Such may include video of staff interacting, product production process, or anything that can add an exciting twist to your video content strategy.

Many people find behind-the-scenes videos interesting,,, which is ideal for building trust with your target audience. Post many behind-the-scenes videos to attract more followers and get more views for your Instagram videos. That way, you create fond memories of your brand and appeal to your Instagram followers.

#3. Use the right hashtags

Targeting cuts across various social media platforms. Although hashtags are underscored in some quarters, it is one of the most powerful strategies you can use to reach out to followers that are outside your scope.

Using hashtags is easy since all you need to do is tap on the search icon, and you will be able to see posts with the trending hashtag on the platform. Typically, bars with a hashtag have more than double the chances of attracting engagement as those that don't.

Nevertheless, you should master the art of using hashtags sparingly by flooding your Instagram account with hashtags everywhere.

#4.Post at the right time

Another tricky element in Instagram marketing is researching to understand when your audience is active online. This will make it easy to reach out to a broader audience and improve the chances of improving the number of views on your video content.

While the effectiveness of this strategy remains debatable, it can yield good results if done correctly. With various brands having different pick times, you can leverage the trend to post videos on your platform and reach out to more people.

#5. Use Instagram stories

Instagram stories have become a popular way of reaching out to more people online. Since the feature was introduced in 2016, the number of Instagram users has more than doubled.

While Instagram stories are restricted to 15 seconds, they offer an exciting opportunity for brands to share their accounts with their followers. Additionally, you can leverage Instagram's Boomerang to experiment and try different approaches for your followers.

#6.Instagram video ads

Instagram video ads are a critical feature that you can use to promote your videos. Should your videos fail to get more views, you can choose to incur the cost of advertising to reach out to more people. In this case, you have to switch to an Instagram business profile to reach more people.

Video ads can do the trick if you are trying to reach a new market. This will enable you to reach out to a target audience that you may only be able to reach with advertising. The benefit of video ads is that it lets you showcase your products and services to a more specific market segment. Plus, it enables you to increase traffic to your website.

#7. Link your Instagram account to other social media platforms

Your friends on Twitter may need to find out whether you have an Instagram account. Linking your Instagram account to other social media platforms makes it easy for people to access it. As a result, they are likely to access and share your Instagram videos with their friends.

Linking your Instagram account with your website and other platforms increases traffic to your website and the chances of getting more views on your Instagram videos.

By letting your friends know you have an Instagram account, you double the chances of getting new followers which is ideal for improving views for your video content.

#8.Reposting videos

While you can repost your videos in case they aren't getting as many views as you'd expect, you should ask yourself whether you are targeting the right niche or whether the quality of your videos is good enough.

Remember,   Instagram users access tonnes of video content daily. To remain on top of the game, you must invest time and effort in producing high-quality videos. As you repost old and fresh videos, try to remind your followers about the good things you could have done. Such may excite your followers and ignite more views for your video content.

For example, as your Instagram profile grows daily, you will likely attract more followers. With more followers joining the bandwagon, most may not have access to your previous videos. Therefore, reposting videos is necessary to allow new followers to access the content. Should the videos excite them, they will likely top up the number of views on your videos.

#9.Audience Interaction

Last on the list is audience interaction. Never take for granted comments and people who like your Instagram videos. Engaging with them shows them you care, which is ideal for attracting more followers. The more followers you have, the higher the chances of getting tons of views for your videos.

Whenever they like, comment, or share your videos, simply ensure you commend them for their actions. This signals that you are responsive, making getting more views for every video you post easy. Alternatively, you can ask questions, run contests or offer prizes for those who repost your video. In the long run, you will likely generate more video views.


Getting views for your Instagram videos requires the right strategy and planning. How you roll out your video content strategy determines whether your videos resonate with the target audience. IndeSo organic growth is the best way for every Instagram user. Ed, you can look for automation tools to grow in no time. But a scam tool may get you banned. For example, if you read the Path Social reviews, it is clear that it's a scam.

Once you identify the right niche and share high-quality Instagram videos consistently, you stand a chance to get tons of views for your videos in the long run.