Home interior design trends change from time to time with only a few that can withstand the test of time. One such trend that never goes out of style and rightly so is the combination of wood and white interior design. There is something about this design that makes one feel calm, relaxed, and refreshed.

Whether it is the clarity and coolness of white color or the texture that wood offers, the overall ambience of the interior gives the house a timeless and classy look.

If you are a homeowner in search of a design theme for your living room, bedroom, or study, you would never be able to go wrong while choosing this wood and white theme. However, there are ways in which you can bring an extra wow factor to this design making it even more unique and regal. You can hire a professional interior design company to create this timeless interior design theme for your home according to your preferences and requirements. Otherwise, you can also take inspiration from their various portfolios that feature this design.

Here, we will discuss some of the ways in which you can create timeless style and elegance by using wood and white and discuss some tips and ideas through which you can make it even more classy and unique.
Wood and White HDB Interior Design Project by Swiss Interior

Choose Soft Transitions

The white and wood design theme works best when light colored wood is used to contrast and enhance the white color. Work to create soft transitions among the elements by keeping the walls white and the adjoining furniture, shelves, and other decorative items should be of light wood color. Once the eyes have been transitioned softly from the white to the oakwood colored elements, you can then add other colored items to continue with the transition. The end result is a wood and white theme that also has some pop of color making it vibrant and bright.

Create Accents By Using Dark Wooden Elements In The Center

The white and wood design theme may seem a bit boring and a little too predictable to some. To overcome this problem, you need to add depth and accents in the design so as not to keep things monotonous. To create accents in the design, you can choose various dark colored elements and showcase them in the center of the room. Remember, you need to keep the transitions soft so as not to be sore for the eyes. Once the soft transitions have been created in the edges of the room, the center pieces will add the necessary depth in the design that will make everyone go: Wow!

Incorporate Sparkly Kitchen Surfaces

There are other ways in which you can add depth in the wood and white interior design. One such way is to incorporate shiny and sparkly kitchen countertops. This works especially well when you have an open concept floor design and the kitchen and living room flow into each other. You can also choose the floor tiles to be sparkly and reflective so that when sunlight reflects on it, it creates an aura of radiance and beauty.

Keep Things Minimal

The white and wood design theme seems the most beautiful and appropriate when it is paired with a minimalistic design. Even if you are not opting for a completely minimalist design theme, keeping things minimal with wood and white will further enhance its elegance and beauty. Try not to crowd with lots of wooden elements and even if you are choosing more wood elements, try to complement them by incorporating white in them. For example, you can design a living room with white walls and wooden floors. You may choose to keep wooden sofas but then, there would be too many wooden elements. To overcome this issue, use white upholstery and cushions for the wooden sofa. In this way, the excessive wooden elements will be balanced out by the clever addition of white.

Incorporate White And Wood In The Bedroom

White and wood design theme also looks really well in a bedroom. It gives a fresh and radiant outlook especially in the morning when sunlight passes through the windows. You can choose white glossy floors and simple white walls with sheer drapes for the bedroom. The bed could be of light wood colored which can be made to further stand out by using clean, fresh, white bedding. The closets in the bedroom can also be of the same wood color as that of the bed. Add a couple of fresh plants and you will get an elegant and classy bedroom.

Incorporate Good Lighting

The white and wood design theme does not work well with little light or warm lighting. Instead, choose lots of white light which will not only enhance the wood and white interior but will also help in creating a much larger visual space. This is a good design choice for smaller homes since it will help them to make the area look spacious.