When someone thinks of going outside, they think that they will wear casual, let us just forget about the things like parties, fashion shows and events but one usually thinks that going somewhere. They will wear casual clothes. So, casual clothes are worn by men and women, whether common or celebrity as well.


Just as casual comes into someone's mind, jeans also come into their mind because jeans or denim are the most popular, comfortable and common casual wear. Denim clothing appears in the form of shorts, shirts, jackets, dresses and T-shirts but denim pants-jeans remain the most worn denim clothing. Jeans, usually of the light blue colour was named the most popular clothing that has been worn the most number of times, all across the world. Check out this site Mens Short Sleeve Hoodie for more info.

Why is denim widely used and that also BLUE?

First of all, cotton is the most worn cloth, denim is the second most worn cloth followed by clothes such as woolen, silk and satin etc. Denim is the second one because it ranges cheaper as compared to satin and silk which was historically the most worn clothing by elite class people. This makes denim more stylish, easily available and makes the manufacturing of denim clothing way cheaper than the manufacturing of silk and satin clothing. Let it be the most common Mens Streetwear Jeans or Woman’s denim dress, denim is now widely used all across the world.

Indigo generally is “Blue” and blue is the most common and most favorite colour in the world. There is a scientific background behind this. First of all, blue has the lowest wavelength and it is the most comfortable colour to look at from the human naked eye.

The Colour red has the highest wavelength. The blue colour usually falls in around the wavelength of 400 nm and the wavelength of red colour is around 650 to 700 nm, this difference is huge in terms of wavelength. When blue-coloured object’s light reflect: upon our eyes. Cells in the cornea, known as rods and cones are typically not hurt by the blue light but they are, somewhat, made uncomfortably and have to use up more energy in case of light from red-coloured objects. This is why blue is the worldwide favorite colour.


It can be concluded that Mens Streetwear Jeans, along with, women’s streetwear jeans, both in light blue colours are the most favorite cloth in the whole world.