Knowing just what to buy someone who lives in a nursing home can be tricky. Because of limited space, facility rules and regulations, and a variety of other factors, it's a good idea to start thinking ahead when it comes to finding that perfect gift for the older adult or disabled person in your life. For three gift ideas to consider for your loved one or family member in a nursing home, read on.

1. Practical Items to Improve Quality of Life

Improve Quality of Life

When you aren't sure about what to buy for someone in a nursing home, start by thinking about practical items like a portable hepa air filter, table lamps, grabbing sticks, walker bags, and portable equipment to make daily tasks easier. Anything that improves someone's health and ability to get around on their own will always be appreciated. Something as simple as a grabber or remote control could be a great way for a senior or disabled person to feel more independent and able to do things on their own.

If buying the person on your list a practical gift that includes the use of technology, be sure to help them set it up if needed. Sometimes, older people have trouble reading the fine print on instructions or aren't up to date on technology. In other cases, they're resistant. If you set up their new Bluetooth speakers or fairy light remote control and show them how to use it, they'll be more inclined to feel great about your gift. In addition, you'll get some extra time with them.

2. Gift Certificates and Entertainment

Gift Certificates and Entertainment

The best nursing homes like The Glen nursing home offer seniors a variety of recreational activities and forms of entertainment. However, it's nice for the person you love to be able to watch their favorite shows and stay on top of the news in the privacy of their rooms as well. Buying your loved one a subscription to a streaming service, DVDs, audiobooks, or a new tablet or Kindle is a fantastic way to be sure they never get bored in a nursing home on days they'd rather spend time alone.

3. The Gift of Time

The Gift of Time

The best gift you can give to someone living in a nursing home is your time. In fact, staying connected to your loved one and visiting regularly will improve their state of mind and overall mental well-being. Whether you join your family member on a regular basis for movie nights, have dinner at the nursing home, or take the person you love on day trips, you are showing that you care and haven't forgotten them. This will go a long way in helping the person you love to feel important.

The truth is that transitioning into a nursing home can feel overwhelming and stressful in the beginning. By visiting and following through with promises, you'll help the person you love to have better peace of mind about the transition. In fact, you can give yourself and them something to look forward to if you work together to build new traditions on the ways you'll spend time together while they're in care. Maybe it's that you bring them a favorite treat every visit instead of giving one big gift on a birthday or other special occasion.

At the end of the day, the best gift you can give to someone in a nursing home is your unconditional love and support. By checking in on them and visiting regularly, you'll be reminding them how important they are to you. This alone can be enough to make someone feel connected and less isolated while living in a nursing home or skilled nursing facility. As you consider gifts for that person you love, think about dropping them off in person.