Are you considering moving to Idaho Falls with your family? If so, then you need to look into the safest and the best neighbourhoods for exploring, finding a new job, and enjoying your downtime. But where should you look? If you are new to the area, then you need to find out the best spot to move to.

Let’s check out the best neighbourhoods to look for houses if you are new to the city - use an Idaho Falls realtor to help you weed out the bad spots, find the prettiest neighbourhoods, and enjoy your new house!

4 best neighbourhoods - Use the help of an Idaho Falls realtor to make the moving process as easy as possible!

Idaho Falls, Idaho, is a city that is located right in the middle of Bonneville County and is classified as the largest city outside of the Boise City area. According to the latest US census - as of 10 years ago - the population of Idaho Falls was around 56,000 people - and has surely grown in the decade since then!

With numerous cultural, outdoor, and recreational activities to do in this beautiful city, you can rest assured that people flock here to attend the College of Eastern Idaho, check out the nearby Museum of Idaho, and watch the local minor league baseball team - the Idaho Falls Chukars!

But where should you move if you're considering relocating here? If you're trying to find the best neighbourhood for yourself and your family, finding a safe location is key. Let’s see the best neighbourhoods to move to with the help of an Idaho Falls realtor!

  • The Village - if you are looking to get a multi-bedroom house that contains plenty of space for you and your children, then The Village is the place to look. Instead of paying extra for a smaller house, then consider looking around in The Village to find a house between $150 and $250k.
  • Rose Nielsen - Located on the eastern side of Idaho city, Rose Nielsen is one of the most popular residential neighbourhoods to look for with close proximity to shopping centres, business centres, and recreational outdoor opportunities. The pricing here for a house typically ranges from $250 to $500k, which is a more expensive and upscale neighbourhood when compared to The Village.
  • Comore Loma - located in the outskirts of Idaho Falls, this large area is a good choice for those who want to be outside of the hustle and bustle - but with close proximity to the city centre! If you are interested in luxury homes check out the $1 million price tags on some of these mansions.
  • North Mapleview Drive - Use the help of an Idaho Falls realtor to find the perfect house for you in North Mapleview Drive, a luxury real estate area in Greater Idaho Falls.


Looking for safe and beautiful homes in Idaho Falls? If the answer is yes, check out one of these upscale and safe neighbourhoods with the help of an Idaho Falls realtor. Move to a new and vibrant location with you and your family to start your next chapter in life!