Garage Doo
Do you wonder if you should repair your garage door instead of replacing it? Many homeowners are faced with this decision every time their garage door malfunctions. If you are not sure which is the most efficient choice in your case, you should consult a technician who is an expert at garage door fixes and installation.

Consulting a qualified and experienced garage door technician is the best way to determine whether to replace or repair your garage door. This post will offer some insight into when it is appropriate to repair or replace your garage door.

When To Replace Your Door

The following situations call for a replacement of your garage door by a qualified technician.

Your Garage Door Has Aged

Old garage doors often have more malfunctions compared to ones that have been recently replaced. If your garage door is older than ten years, it is advisable to replace it before it suffers or causes significant damage. New garage doors offer more security from intruders and safety features.

Your Garage Door Does Not Have Child Safety Sensors

New garage doors have up-to-date child safety sensors that automatically stop when they sense an obstruction in their path while closing. Suppose your garage door does not have child safety sensors (or you got after-market installation of the sensors). In that case, it is advisable to secure your children, pets, and possession by purchasing a new garage door.

Your Garage Door Hasn’t Been Working For While

If you have been ignoring malfunctions in your garage door, your door is likely to stop functioning suddenly. Even the most minor problems can progress to cause a total breakdown if neglected. A new garage door is the best option for a homeowner whose current door has not been functioning for some time.

Your Garage Door Wastes A Lot Of Energy

Old garage doors are not energy efficient because they lack proper insulation to prevent them from letting outside air into your home. If your energy bill has been inexplicably high, the likely culprit is the difference between the temperature in the garage and that in your house. New garage doors have the proper insulation that prevents unnecessary cooling or heating.

Your Garage Door Has Been Broken Into

If an intruder got into your home through your garage door, replacing it may be your best option. New garage doors have top-notch security features such as keypad and fingerprint unlocking mechanisms. You can also monitor and control some new garage door models using an application on your smartphone.

When To Repair Your Door

It is advisable to call a qualified technician to repair your door in the following circumstances.

Your Garage Door Feels Heavy

If your garage door is suddenly much heavier than usual, the most likely cause is the wear and tear of its springs. The springs allow you to manually open the door when there isn’t electricity and prevent the lift motor from wearing out quickly. A professional technician will promptly fix the problem by installing a new set of springs.

Your Garage Door Has A Broken Panel

When your garage door suffers damage to one or several panels, it is advisable to contact a professional technician immediately. If you ignore the damage, it will likely cause extensive damage that can only be solved by replacing the door. Repairing a single or several panels is much cheaper than replacing the door.

Your Garage Door Is Leaning

Does your garage door appear to sag toward one side when halfway closed? The imbalance in your door is caused by one of your springs wearing out faster than the other. An imbalanced door puts unnecessary strain on your lifting mechanisms and could cause the entire system to wear out much quicker. It is advisable to engage a professional technician to install new springs and balance your garage door.

Your Garage Door Has Suddenly Stopped Working

If your garage door suddenly stops working without any signs of a malfunction, you may be tempted to replace it. However, it is advisable to contact a professional who will isolate the cause of the breakdown and repair it or recommend a replacement if necessary. Sudden breakdowns are usually easier to fix because the problem has probably not been progressing for long.

If you are unsure whether to replace or repair your garage door, contact a trustworthy and reputable garage door technician to evaluate the problem and recommend the best course of action.