Air Seal
Air sealing your home is important all year round. However, it is best done just before the winter season. The idea behind air sealing your home is to allow your HVAC system to perform more efficiently, potentially lowering your electricity bills and making your home more comfortable.

The winter months can be hectic, especially if you were found unprepared, and can lead to a lot of damages or costly replacements and repairs down the line. Whether you are planning to do it yourself or are looking for a reliable air sealing contractor, this article will provide you with the reason we think winter is the best time to air seal.

Improves Comfort

Most people spend a considerable amount of time at home during the winter. Insulating your home just before winter will provide a comfortable space for your family during this season. Unsealed leaks around the house are a recipe for disaster and can lead to uncomfortable temperatures that might inhibit the normal livelihood in your home.

It is important to air seal the attic, crawl space, or basement before the winter months. This is to ensure that there is no stray air that escapes in or out of the house. Your house will be able to maintain a relatively comfortable temperature that your family will enjoy staying inside.

Prevents Pipes From Freezing

As we all know, winterizing is an essential part of ensuring you reduce the expenses that may arise from repairs and replacements. Plumbing works, especially water pipes in the unconditioned space of your home, can be at risk of damage from the freezing winter temperatures. Adequately insulating the space around your pipes will prevent any cold air from freezing them and affecting your plumbing.

To ensure you maximize this protection, use electric tapes along the pipings to provide heating capabilities that will ensure no freezing takes place.

Lowers Energy Bill

Heating and cooling account for nearly half the energy we consume in our everyday life. This percentage is likely to increase, especially in the winter season. Because the HVAC works extra hard to maintain the temperature of your home. Air sealing your home will go a long way in improving your energy efficiency, which rewards you by reducing the amount you have to pay on your utility bill.

Similar to winter, the summer season can be frustrating as the temperatures are hot, making the AC work extra hard to maintain a colder air temperature. Ensuring that all areas from the windows, walls, doors, and the attic are well insulated will help you use less air conditioning as the warm air in the living space is maintained for a longer time. This means that you will save your energy bill all year round.

Increases Value Of Your Home

A home that is well insulated is generally energy-efficient which means that less is paid each month on your utility bill. This feature will boost the value of your home, especially at a time when energy-efficient properties are the thing. When you are looking to sell faster and at a higher price point, investing in an effective insulating solution will be your best bet.

Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Organizations and governments strive to reduce carbon emissions to the environment and prevent the looming extinction of the planet due to climate change. Keeping your home insulated not only reduces the amount of energy it consumes but also helps you reduce the amount of carbon emitted to the environment.

Keeps Your Family Healthier

Air sealing your home is important for the well-being of your family during the winter season. It gets extremely cold, especially if the home is not well insulated, causing people to suffer from illnesses such as flu and other infections that can affect one’s health. Warmer floors and walls during winter can help with the cold, which could boost your family’s overall emotional wellbeing.

Prevents Mold And Bacteria

The cold weather creates the perfect breeding ground for mold, fungi, and bacteria. This mold can be detrimental to the different parts of the home leading to damages on the wall, bad odor, and rust on the steel equipment. On the other hand, bacteria can create many health issues for members of the household, which can be frustrating both emotionally and financially.

Although the winter is the most crucial for insulation, it is good practice to keep your house insulated. A well-insulated home allows you to save on utility bills while breathing high-quality air that is free from contaminants that may be a result of stray air from a leak.