Everyone has to have a computer these days. Some people spend hours each day staring at a monitor at their job, and others just use a computer as a form of entertainment. However you choose to utilize your machine, it is important that you have access to one all the time. If you are serious about purchasing a good laptop for your home office, there are a few things you need to think about before you buy laptop for home office.

1. Purpose - What will you use it for? If you plan on using your machine for work, your laptop needs to be much different from someone who wants a machine for playing games or watching movies. You need to determine how much computing power and memory you need. If you are utilizing your machine for work that requires data entry and extensive word processing and spreadsheet usage, then you need a sturdy laptop that is built with quality components. However, if you will just be browsing the internet or writing the occasional letter, then your choices are much more open.

2. Size - This depends on how much mobility you need. This factor is greatly influenced by the purpose of your laptop purchase. If you need a machine that is very mobile, and will be used for travel often, then your choices are more restricted than someone who has an office at home and rarely takes their computer on the road.

3. Screen size - The larger the monitor, the less strain on your eyes, but the larger the machine itself. If you are going to be moving your laptop around quite a bit, then you will want the best mobility possible with the smallest sized screen. However, if your needs include multiple monitors or presentations to clients, then you will need a large laptop with projector capabilities.

4. Resolution - This is important if you plan on using your laptop for more than just surfing the web. The higher the resolutions, the better quality of picture you will have when watching movies or doing work that requires graphics.

5. Price - There are plenty of laptops available that fall into nearly every possible price range out there. If you aren't afraid to shell out some major cash, then you will have plenty of high-end machines that will accomplish all your needs. However, if you need a more affordable option, there are plenty of reliable laptops available for under $1000.

6. Warranty - This is often overlooked when purchasing a computer, but it is not a factor, so you have the luxury of choosing between these two manufacturers. Both have been known for quality machines in their own right. If you are looking for a good laptop for home office use, do whoever thinks it looks better!

Now that you know some of the things to consider when buying a new laptop, it should be important to remember. It isn't always possible to tell how well a machine will handle your workload, and you should protect yourself from any potential problems.

7. Build quality - This is the most important factor when purchasing a laptop for home office use. You need to determine how much wear and tear your machine could potentially face on a daily basis. If you are rough on your equipment, then it would be a good idea to invest in a high-quality machine with strong components, sturdy casing, and some sort of warranty. On the other hand, if you don't plan on travelling with your laptop much or will have it plugged into a docking station at work most of the time, then a cheaper option would suffice.