You might have seen a lot of dog owners and walkers walking happily with their pups in tow without any problems. When you’re ready to take your pup for a stroll around town, naturally, you want them to be well-behaved as well.

Ensuring both your dog’s safety and those around them is crucial when you’re planning on taking them out for frequent walks. There are some dog walking tips you should keep in mind to ensure safety for all.

Consult Your Vet

Whether you’ve just bought a new pup home or have decided to adopt an older dog, you need to ensure with your vet that everything is okay for you to progress with regular walks.

Your dog might require a thorough checkup and several vaccinations as well to ensure their safety as well as yours before they can venture outside. You might also want to check with your vet whether a strenuous activity is okay for your dog, who might be suffering from aching joints or arthritis.

Wearing the Right Attire

Both you and your dog need to be adequately prepared to walk outside. It means that you can’t just go outside with your dog wearing flip-flops, and your dog definitely can’t go without a leash.

When you’re looking for the right attire for your dog walking, consider wearing comfortable sneakers or sports shoes. You might also want to ensure that your dog wears a harness instead of a traditional collar if they are smaller in size. The leash should be a good length, so your dog doesn’t feel too retrained during their walk.

Have Good Tools

Whether it’s your dog’s leash or collar, they need to be of excellent quality. You don’t want to be surprised when your dog suddenly frees itself of its leash and starts running around wildly.

If you’re looking to play a bit with your dog as well, consider taking some toys along like a frisbee or something similar. If you’ve trained your dog well, they are probably able to play fetch quite well.

Keep Your Dog Hydrated

When you’re trying to ensure the utmost safety for your dog, you need to ensure they are comfortable throughout their walk. It includes having emergency rations, snacks, and water sources in case they start feeling thirsty.

You can find many portable water cups and bowls for dogs today that enable them to drink while they’re outside. You can also find snacks and portable food that can satiate your dog if you’re planning on taking a long walk.

Let Your Dog Socialize

If you want your dog to have a sociable and friendly personality, getting them amidst other dogs as soon as possible is ideal. It can let them get used to the idea of being in the company of other dogs and eventually play with them.

Dogs that tend to socialize more also are less likely to get depressed or feel anxious. If you’re unsure where to find other dogs, simply look up the nearest dog park in your neighbourhood. You might need to go at different times to understand what times are popular for other dogs.

Hopefully, you’ve learned how to keep your dog and yourself safe with these dog walking tips to guide you for the next time you’re out!