Where in the world do they find the energy? What strategies do you use to drive more followers to your favourite brands, bloggers, and personalities?

There is no effort from these people at all in attracting their social media followers. In the meantime, you're here, trying your hardest just to get someone to follow you or like your post.

The frustration is real, isn't it?

Through Instagram, usable content made by your target audience can be shared and viewed by other potential customers, and they can then enter your sales funnel.

In addition, it allows you to build more brand trust, increase engagement, and ultimately improve the bottom line -- and even more importantly, it can greatly improve your chances of getting new IG followers on a daily basis.

With all of this in mind, it's important to always share your best content with your customers no matter their size. And for even better results, be sure to encourage them if they are already sharing!

1. Feel free to ask questions

It's good practice to ask your fans questions - but you have to be wise - not all questions will get an answer on social media.

Do you know what questions to ask?

If you would like to hear more about how your brand has made your customers' lives easier or about their personal experiences with it, you can ask them.

Questioning can promote engagement when used properly. People always appreciate a genuine request for opinions.

This is something many of the top celebrities on Instagram do with their content. They will post a picture and say something as simple as "So... what do you think?" -- and you'd be surprised at how many of their followers will then comment and help that content go viral.

2. Run contests and polls on Instagram

Your fans will be inspired to create UGC by running contests and quizzes on social media. Their fans responded enthusiastically to the campaign.

You can run a successful contest on social media by following these steps:
  • Determine the contest's objective, the type, and the timing.
  • Avoid any confusion by spelling out rules in plain language.
  • Make your content stand out with a great image.
  • Optimize your content for mobile devices.
  • Promote your contest by offering incentives.
  • Make your contest more urgent.
  • Make sure that all advertising is compliant with the platform's rules.

3. Reward opportunities

Your fans can be encouraged to create more UGC by rewarding or acknowledging their contributions.

Even small gestures of appreciation, such as sharing their content on social media, can make a huge difference. You don't have to offer them cash rewards or discount coupons all of the time to make a positive impact.

Something many social media brands and businesses are doing to increase engagement and activity, is to reward their fans whenever they put in the time and effort to create and share new content. Such ideas and working methods include:
  • Send out email newsletters that showcase their content and share on social media.
  • Comment on your posts and reply to them.
  • Your website's blog should feature fans' content (where applicable) and share it on social media afterwards.
  • Prizes for fans who comment more often than others, a reward for fans who are particularly active.
  • Write for the blog of your website by inviting super-influencers.
It is your fans who create your content. Keep appreciating it at all times. Your brand will gain even more traction if you reward their efforts.

4. Take advantage of hashtags

Twitter and Instagram are especially effective at spreading the word about promotions when hashtags are strategically employed.

With the help of a shareable and creative promotion, the campaign highlights the power of hashtags. You can receive loads of UGC by using a clever hashtag if you're able to think outside the box.

Use a unique hashtag you created to encourage your fans to contribute. Try searching for their hashtags in the respective channels on Instagram if you have some in mind.

Should you need help in finding some new and creative tags to start using within your content, be sure to check out this list of free hashtag generators that are easily accessible for use by all.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Social media is taking over our lives, so we have more opportunities to engage our audience and generate engaging content.

Your fans will spread the word about your products for you if you run successful social media contests and competitions or use hashtags.

It isn't always easy for brands to succeed socially. But, hopefully, these points get you thinking about developing content that encourages natural conversation, helping you build affinity with your brand.

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