Meet the Yealink Phone and the Yealink Video Conference Systems. If you are a student or you work, chances are that you have been in a video conference this past year. Since the pandemic, video conference calls are a regular feature of our day to day life. As more and more people moved to remote work and online classes, there has been a need for the best video conference systems or devices out there. What are the features that set Yealink video conference systems apart from the rest? What makes it the best fit for you? Read on to find out.

Features of The Yealink Video Conference Systems

1. Efficiency and Simplicity

What makes a device simple and easy to use? How essential is it to you that there is no clutter or confusing interface when you need to start or join a video conference call? The Yealink video conference system is made up of a wide range of devices such as the Yealink phones, Yealink zoom room kit and many more which are designed with ease of accessibility in mind. Devoid of unnecessary clutter and with a straightforward user interface, efficiency and simplicity are guaranteed for the end-user.

2. Multi-Use Applicability

An additional reason why the Yealink Video Conference system is a great fit for you is the fact that you can use it in any setting. With its Optima HD call quality, three-way immersive microphone and speakers that picks up your voice from 360• angle, acoustic echo cancelling and multi-platform connectivity, making conference calls are an immersive and hassle-free experience. The lifelike crystal clear sound ensures that your voice is heard from a wide range of up to 10 feet. The wide-angle cameras ensure that you do not have to adjust the video to ensure that you are in range. The video conference systems and phones can be connected to other platforms and phones to ensure smooth ease of calls. This can be used at home, in professional settings for both small and large office settings.

3. Reliability

With its inbuilt noise cancellation, there is no danger of unwanted sound being a distraction during your calls. As to this, the 360• voice picks up ability, wireless mics, one can completely relax calls and focus on what’s important. Then there’s the nifty voice proof feature that automatically mutes the microphone when no one is speaking. This clever feature ensures that you are spared from the microphones transmitting other noises that are not essential to your conversation and saving you from embarrassing gaffes.

In addition to all this, the systems come in a range of styles and unique ranges to fit the needs and budget of entry and user. From the sleek futuristic chiselled look to the Yealink DECTs technology that makes it all possible, no style is left out. Functionality is not sacrificed at the altar of style but expertly incorporated to create a satisfying experience.


The Yealink Phone and Video conferencing systems are specifically designed with the user in mind. Packed with advanced features and the latest tech, it offers quality conferencing calls that suit both small and large office spaces as well as perfect for personal use with family and friends. The DECT tech ensures that all Yealink video Conference calls are smooth and convenient. Reliable and suitable for multiplatform connectivity, simplicity, ease and reliability are the guiding principles behind the Yealinks products. So, whether you are a student, a teacher searching for the perfect online class conference call tool, a worker in an office or any other situation that requires video conference calls, Yealinks has your back for all occasions.