Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) want to enhance the customer experience by giving them more personalized and cost-saving offers. This is not an easy task as they have to deal with multiple stakeholders and parties, each with their own specific requirements and needs.

What is Voucher Management System (VMS)?

A voucher management system is a back-end software solution that automates the process of handling vouchers. VMS usually manages vouchers according to different types, categories, vendors, etc. When it comes to large service providers or network operators, they are usually tasked with providing cellphone services to millions of customers. Each time a user requests a phone service voucher, the system will generate an order for vendor services according to the parameters specified by the operator.

Difference of VMS between Centralized and Decentralized. Pros and Cons

A VMS is a software system that's used to organize the management of an IT environment. It provides information about the availability, performance, and capacity of hardware assets. A centralized VMS system has one master node that all other nodes are synced with. This can be deployed on-premises or in cloud environments. The advantages of this deployment model include scalability and flexibility. On the other hand, decentralization allows for increased performance and reliability of data storage.

4 Features that you should consider before selecting a VMS platform for your Network Operator?

  • Usage-based licensing – If you have a large network and expect to have a wide variety of different types of users connected to your network at any given time, usage-based licensing is a great option.
  • Scalability – A VMS needs to be able to scale as your needs grow from now until the future.
  • Ease of use – If you're going to be using this platform on a regular basis, ease of use is critical for efficiency and achieving your goals as efficiently as possible.
  • Support – You'll want an easily accessible support team that will give you the answers you need when they need them the most

The right VMS will allow you to manage vouchers more effectively, so they are easier to process and get issued faster!

The right VMS will allow you to manage vouchers more effectively, so they are easier to process and get issued faster! With the right VMS software, you can also save money because your data is secure and private and there is no need for expensive coding.

How to select the right VMS Platform?

  • In order to find the right VMS for your
  • Network Operator, there are a few categories you should
  • keep in mind. The first is the price.
  • The second is scalability. What will happen if your network grows?
  • The third is the vendor whom you trust and have a contract with. You need to know that they have a build-in backup so your system never goes down, and finally you need to ask yourself what will happen if a virus occurs in my system? How can I build an antivirus scanner into the VMS platform that I am selecting?


As you can see, there are a lot of things to consider when looking for the right VMS for your network operator. There are many factors that are specific to the business that you are in, but most of them come down to what you want out of your VMS.

Best VMS Platforms Available

  • Estel Technologies
  • Seamless
  • Comviva
  • Eskadenia