Undeniably, COVID-19 has had a global impact, especially on how law firms market their services. As the business landscape changes due to the pandemic, law firms need to create and implement new marketing strategies in order to haul in clients and keep the business afloat.

Marketing your law firm during the pandemic season is a challenge, but it's not impossible to do. Certain practices can increase your law firm's visibility during the pandemic, making it easier for you to effectively market your law firm and earn new clients.

Here are four practices to observe when marketing your law firm during the pandemic:

1. Move Your Brand Online

Driven by the fear of contracting and spreading the virus, more and more people are spending time online. Many are also using the information they see on the internet to decide which business to patronize.

To succeed in marketing your law firm during the pandemic, move your brand online. This means revisiting your existing content and keyword marketing strategies and leveraging social media tools to provide insight into what your target audience is looking for.

Moving your brand online will enable you to connect with your clients and provide an excellent customer experience even if you don't get to see them face to face. This will also expand your reach and expose your law firm to newer target audiences.

If your law firm lacks the experience or tools to implement online marketing, invest in professional services. You can view here an example of a digital marketing agency that can help law firms in their online advertising campaigns.

2. Infuse Empathy In Your Marketing Campaign

It's crucial for law firms to empathize with their target audience, or else any marketing campaign will be seen as "taking advantage of the situation." Instead of marketing your legal services, you'll end up putting your law firm in a bad light.

When marketing your law firm during the pandemic, infuse empathy in your communications. This will make your law firm more customer-centric, as you're showing clients that you understand their situation and are trying to provide solutions to ease their common dilemmas.

For example, you can empathize by showing how your legal services can help employees who feel that their employers don't provide adequate hygiene products or protective equipment. In your marketing campaign, you can also highlight how your law firm can help individuals who were illegally denied of medical leaves or fired for complaining about unsafe working conditions during the pandemic.

3. Reach Out To Loyal Clients

Are your loyal clients aware that you're still operating during the pandemic? How can they tell their friends and family about your legal services if they don't know whether you're taking cases? Reaching out to loyal clients is one of the most effective ways of marketing your law firm during a pandemic.

Since many law firms closed during the pandemic, the competition is low, and making a few strategic moves can easily put your law firm ahead of the competition. Use online and offline strategies to reach out to loyal clients and inform them of your operating hours and a complete list of your services.

Reaching out to existing clients is an inexpensive way of marketing your law firm and driving repeat business. This strategy will also help you create brand ambassadors from your loyal clients. When they're happy with your legal services, they'll share the experience with their friends and family, allowing you to gain more clients over time.

4. Add Something New To Your Existing Marketing Strategies

Because your clients' needs have changed during the pandemic, it might be the best time to try out new marketing strategies. Marketing your legal services can be tricky since most are staying at home and wouldn't want to get close contact with people when they're out.

Adding new forms of content to your existing marketing campaign is a great way to boost brand recognition and awareness. Enhance your existing marketing strategies by adding the following:
  • Start a podcast by highlighting your legal expertise and experience, and then encourage listeners to sign up for your email newsletter.
  • Work with influencers to show your target audience the credibility of your law firm while giving them valuable information they can use every day.
  • Produce high-quality blogs and articles to showcase your thought leadership and increase your chances of being featured in various publications as a guest writer.

Change Is Always Necessary

Everyone in the world is trying to adapt to the effects of the pandemic, which is why your law firm's marketing strategy should do the same. A robust marketing campaign in pre-COVID won't bring the same results when you implement it during the pandemic.

When reinventing your law firm's marketing campaign, incorporate the tips from this article. These practices will help your business adapt to the changing business landscape caused by the pandemic.