Podcast Marketing

2024 is already on its way and brings new marketing trends with the changing customer requirements and market demands. These trends have become necessities to stay afloat in this highly competitive market. 

Like other marketing trends, the podcast has also gained immense popularity. It is a set of prerecorded audio files published on the website and available for download on personal computers or mobile devices. Users can subscribe to the podcast to receive and listen to these digital files. The top podcasting trends are leaving the most significant impact on businesses and shaping them by increasing popularity. For example, to rank your website on top results, you might take the help of an affordable SEO Company in Australia.

But what are those podcast marketing trends that will dominate 2023? Let’s have a look at the following information in detail:

Table of Content

  1. How is Podcast Marketing Beneficial for Business?
  2. Podcast Marketing Trends
  3. Data-Driven Build Better User Experience
  4. The era of Live Streaming & Podcasting Events
  5. Creation of Better Quality Content
  6. Optimize for Voice Search
  7. The Emergence of Programmatic Advertising
  8. Improve Search ability in User Education
  9. Closing Thoughts

How is Podcast Marketing Beneficial for Business?

As content creation grows, podcasting gains immense popularity. It allows brands to communicate to a captive audience. The increased usage of mobile phones will enable companies and brands to tell their story anywhere. It helps them to establish authority in your industry and creates a reputable brand along the way. 

Podcast show notes generator is more suited for long-form audio content like interview formats, debates on specific topics, or other audio files than radio formats. 

According to the Reuters Institute’s latest Digital News Report, 36 % of the survey respondents from across the globe have listened to a podcast in the month preceding the survey. The following chart describes where the biggest podcast enthusiasts and skeptics live.

Podcast Marketing Trends

The following details explain the podcast marketing trends of 2020.

Data-Driven Build Better User Experience
Marketers and podcast creators can build a user experience, and advertisers can create more targeted customer offers.

The data-driven marketing is the most powerful and innovative approach to collecting customer information. With the help of this, podcast producers can leverage data insights to get a deeper understanding of their target listeners. To give listeners a better experience, advertisers must create quality content, build one CTA or topic per episode, and summarise key points concisely. In addition, make sure to distinguish your customers with sign-up, download, or any other hoops to listen to an attack. 

You can collect a detailed report of your buyer personas using market data like browsing behaviors and purchasing habits. It will give your content strategy a clear picture of topics. Data-driven decision-making answers questions like who, when, where, and what messages must be delivered. 

The era of Live Streaming & Podcasting Events

With the advancement in technology and the popularity of podcasts, live streaming and podcast events have become influential business trends. In 2019, live podcast events became mainstream, with over $55m globally. These live events gather audiences, hosts, and marketers and help build strong connections with podcasters. 

Live streaming video allows brands to drop the corporate veil, connect human-to-human, and enable users to participate in brand storytelling in ways that enrich the customer experience. It is a proven marketing strategy to maximize engagement from a medium to a high level. According to Neil Patel, live streaming will be a $70.5 billion industry by 2021. 

For example, SEO Company in Australia already provides more prevailing tools for generating live-streaming video content for their clients. 

Remember the Quality of the content. Whether you enrich your customers through Q&A sessions, contests, phone-in debates, or live podcasts, keeping your content interactive and meaningful would be best.

Creation of Better Quality Content

Content marketing is a luxury and powerful tool to keep customers engaged in your brand. While generating the content, it is necessary to determine who your target audience will be. So, you can head to topics that are interesting and engaging. Podcasting your content regularly provides a long way to keep people connected with your brand. 

The best practice is to link the podcast to your blog or other social channels to increase the reach and participation of your community. Associating your email address with the podcast will allow people to respond directly to the content. This is a better way to get new material for your next podcast. In the next episode, you can generate FAQs in the podcast and give answers to their queries. 

Online radio and music streaming services like Spotify are gaining popularity. But, content quality must be the center of attraction. While generating a podcast. Keep the following points in mind:

Better content

Audio Quality (impeccable sound quality provides a great listening experience)
Short-form Podcast (About 5- 10 mins)
So, to keep yourself at the top of the market, it is necessary to have all the most popular podcast platforms for social listening, audience research, and content strategy. 

Optimize for Voice Search

With the advent of new technologies, voice search is widespread in every field, whether it is about SEO or podcasts. According to Google reports, 27% of the online global population uses voice search on mobile. 

Marketers must consider voice search optimization as a new and exciting dynamic podcast trend. The voice-enabled other IoT devices can distribute the demographics content when someone searches it online. 

In 2019, Google announced they would start including podcasts in Google Search results so you can listen to podcasts directly from the search results page or save an episode for later. Due to this, Google will automatically arrange their podcasts so attacks will be easier to search via keywords. To rank your podcasts on top of Google, you need to:
  • Choose the right keyword for each episode
  • Create a specific page for every episode
  • Create a blog post of 300 words for each episode.

Podcasters can increase their overall website visibility by focusing more on voice SEO. It is projected to make voice search the preferred method of online searching. The search engine optimization packages are already inhabited with such services. The more you interact with voice-enabled devices, the more likely it will increase brand awareness and audience engagement with advanced voice SEO tactics. 

The Emergence of Programmatic Advertising

As the world becomes more data-driven and digitized, brands have the opportunity to tell powerful brand stories with programmatic advertising. It is an automated buying and selling of online advertising using artificial intelligence and algorithms. This is one of the fastest and most efficient automation methods to increase conversions and lower customer acquisition costs.

This platform identifies online consumers by demographics, geography, interests, behaviors, devices, etc. The programmatic advertising platform analyzes campaign inputs and user behavior so real-time campaign optimizations can be made. Several data types come into play to enhance the probability of a campaign’s success.

Improve Search ability in User Education.

The education industry will become wider with podcasts. The podcasts increase awareness about various aspects that a student or learner needs. In addition, this marketing strategy can provide primary education on everything possible. Users can download podcasts easily and collect the necessary information. Ensure the mentioned information is reliable and accurate and not based on assumption. 

With abundant applications and listening to several episodes, users may need clarification about the correct information. To overcome this, marketing efforts, detailed information on the topic, and improvement of user experience search ability are necessary to keep users engaged and interested.

Closing Thoughts

The deeper you dive, the more likely you will be able to receive massive traffic. 2021 brings new technologies to make your audio content more reliable and engaging for users. Many industries provide the best SEO specialists in Australia, including podcasting marketing, at a minimal budget. You can hire them and stand out among your competitors.

As you know, the audience only values quality podcasts. Therefore, paying close attention to content and audio Quality is necessary. In addition, podcast hosts and content creators must produce quality podcasts to keep people hooked.