Nursery wall stickers & decals are a quick way to experiment with changing themes and colours. These simple peel-on and off stickers instantly add beauty to an empty space. While designing a cute nursery for your kids, the decals which you can easily get from experts like All Wall Stickers Australia act as a saving grace-giving your kid's room the colour and graphics that suit them. Here are some ideas and how to decorate (or redecorate) your kid's space!

How To Decorate Them?

The best way is to pinch in ideas from your kids. If your toddler is too young to speak, catch on to things that fascinate them. Yes, the things that make them shoot stars out of their eyes. If your kids have started making their likes and dislike known, then you have a clear answer to what they want. Select the designs and choose the layout. Don’t be too hung on the placement, as decals are easy to peel and reuse.

The ideas!

1. The Disney Diaries

Give your Disney dreams another lease by decorating the rooms with characters or characters that have ruled the hearts for decades. Be it the princess fans or the mickey and woody team, decorate the walls and bring alive the characters for your kids.

2. Let the superheroes come alive

The kids won’t mind an overhanging spiderman or a batman on their walls. In fact, they'll love to see the life-size version of their favorite stars who light up the movies.

3. Rainbow wall

A subtler design, the rainbow decor will add colours to the wall and give it a cutesy look without much effort. Add multiple rainbow decals and pair it up with the rainbow macramé wall hanging to complete the look.

4. The serene calm clouds

There is nothing more beautiful than a bunch of clouds that unsymmetrically fills the spaces. They are a simple way to fill up the large walls without much effort.

5. The jungle tales

The cute caricatures of the animals sure make an excellent addition to your kid's room. Bring the animals in tow and let them occupy one wall to bring the jungle alive!

6. A ride in the night sky

Beautiful shining stars on a dark background never fails to draw attention. You take a step further and add a constellation, which can pique the interest further. If you are not a fan of dark backgrounds for kid's rooms, you can look for decals with stars and moon designs on pastel shade backgrounds.

7. Tour around the world

A world map covers a large area in a single stroke. Take a large world map sticker and put it across the wall. Bring in flag stickers or pins so that kids can stamp places they want or wish to go.

8.  The giant family tree

Spare me for harry potter analogy, but the family tree is a cute and aesthetic way to decorate the walls. Go for a simpler version of the gigantic tree and decorate it with your family pictures. Alternatively, instead of a family picture, document your kids growing days through the branches!