Renting out your extra room and making handsome money out of it may sound lucrative, but it is not an easy task. As a host, you are required to follow certain suits like looking after the bookings, maintaining the property, and giving quality customer service. And yes, this requires an investment of more than just dollars. But putting in that much amount of time when all this is just a side business doesn't justify it. This is why many people hire If you consider hiring a manager for your Airbnb like Ford Clancy, check whether they meet the following demands! who take care of the above things. With their expertise in the field, the property managers are tasked with A to Z of the management duties. If you consider hiring a manager for your Airbnb, check whether they meet the following demands!

Here Are Some Points On How To Hire One For Your Property!

1. Look at the services included

While outsourcing the management service to professionals, some things are expected of them. Check out the list of standard services that the company has to offer. From covering the basic amenities cleaning to the marketing point, the professional assistance covers many aspects. Weigh these services against the other and choose the one most fitting.

2. More customer care, the better

If the professional hired can customize their service, you can make money at leisure. With special customized services, the property managers aim to increase the hospitality of your guesthouse. This ensures happy customers. And you know, a happy customer is the best review for any service.

3. The pricing

There are two ways property managers work. The first one is the commission method, wherein they have a fixed percentage of the sales. Depending on your sale, the value may top to 50% of the revenue, though it amounts to 20% on average. Another way is to have a fixed monthly amount shelled out irrespective of the business. The latter may fit the budget, but the former promises more results.

4. Management reviews

This is very important to evaluate the service of the company. An excellent reputed management company is bound to have raked some good reviews. Word of mouth makes things more transparent. If you are friends or acquaintances who have used their services, then learn it from them first-hand. The other way is to evaluate the results for yourself. Come into a short-term contract with the company and evaluate their performance. If you see an increased profit margin, then you know the investment is bearing fruit.

5. Be selective

It is essential to know the customer base the managers will target. The promotional activities and services are often centred around one or the other section of the customer base. This gives more returns as compared to when they blindly try to appease everyone. Hence, when looking for managers, make sure they have some expertise or plans on how they'll be handling the position.