People are increasingly using neon lights, as it is loved by many influencers and streamers who need a fun workspace to stream. They are utilized as ornamental elements in homes, offices, events, and many other places. Several manufacturers can create the neon sign that you like. However, before they begin processing the design and the neon light itself, they all want you to consider a few key factors.

Your Personal Space

Space should always be the first thing to think about when buying a neon sign. This is the way to go if you have a large wall to cover in neon lights. Then you'll need a massive sign that's around 40 feet long. If you have a limited area, a smaller sign (about 10 to 12 feet long) can be used. The primary principle is that the larger the wall or space where the light will be, the better.

Your Financial Plan

You'll need to figure out how much you're willing to spend on the correct neon light once you've opted to buy a neon sign. This is important because it might assist you and your producer avoid saving more money than you want or need. Neon light prices vary widely based on the colour, size, and backing that you choose.


The style of design you pick for your neon signs is heavily influenced by the subject you have in mind. For example, if you want to place it in your room for personal use or hang it on a wall at your office, all of these factors may help you limit down your options. Remembering where you're going to put your neon sign after it's finished might help you decide what kind of design to go with. Listed are a few things to consider while choosing a neon design:

Font Design

If you decide to get neon lights that form words or phrases, the font style is also crucial to consider because it may have a big impact on the overall atmosphere of the area and the visual design of the neon light. It's crucial to remember to stay away from difficult-to-read typefaces. If you have the option, avoid using cursive if at all possible. It's normally best to choose a huge typeface in a colour that contrasts with the neon sign's background/backlight.


The gas stored inside the glass tubes determines the hue of the light generated by neon signs. For a long time, red and orange neon signs were the most common. This is because red is generated by neon gas, which is one of the earliest gas-based lights to be created, whereas all other hues are produced by argon gas. In addition, gases such as hydrogen, which produces red lights; helium, which produces yellow lights; carbon dioxide, which produces white lights; and mercury, which produces blue lights, are employed to generate various hues. Because most of these gases may be mixed to achieve your chosen hue, you now have a far wider range of colour options. As a result, it's critical to take your time and consider what hue will look best in your room.

The final aim is for you to locate neon signs with which you are completely satisfied. After all, nothing surpasses the satisfaction of a successful purchase. So, would you be getting LED neon flex lights or a traditional vintage neon sign to construct your first LED neon sign?