Some of the most exceptional Christmas decorations are awaiting you at your local thrift stores. If you are decorating for a holiday get-together or looking for general décor ideas for Christmas, this article will highlight some designs you can consider, using re-purposed items from the thrift store.

If you want a more of a done-for-you Christmas setup, Unreal Christmas Trees supplies fun Christmas trees and ornaments and there are a number of different ways in which you can inject the holiday spirit into your home. You can find outdoor nativity figures in the market that you can use to create nativity scenes in your yard. Essentially, using a professional setup, plus some thrift store and recyclable items, you can make exciting holiday decorations on a budget.

Inexpensive and Creative Decorating Ideas

Old Sweater

Find one of your old Christmas sweaters or buy a cheap one, repurpose it into a wreath pouch and hang it on the front door. To get started felt the sweater, cut the neck and sleeves off. Sew the sides, bottom, and neckline with embroidery thread to prevent fraying. Use paper bags to stuff the bottom and add pinecones, berries, evergreens, and florals.

Old Pins or Brooches

Old costume jewellery can be upcycled into sparkling ornaments for your Christmas tree. Add ribbons and beads to taut jewelry wire to hang the brooch or pin.

Turn Wood Shingles into Garland

Wood siding can be used to make holiday garland to decorate the mantel. Take each shingle and paint designs on them before sealing it. Use wire to thread and string the shingles together and embellish with greenery.

Using Tree Stands as Vases

Garage sales and thrift stores are prime places to buy old tree stands. Grab three and transform them into vase holders. Spray paint them white, add glassware and fill them with berries, evergreens, and holiday flowers to make spirits bright.

Wood Coasters

A perfect combination that can be used to ad Christmas cheer is drawing effortless holiday-related silhouettes on vintage wood. Cut up reclaimed wood into small squares and smoothly sand them down. Use cookie stencils to create holiday designs and then use decoupage glue to seal the paint. Stick felt rounds to the base when they are dry. These will add flair to your Christmas table setting and make great conversation pieces.

Upcycled Beads

Old necklaces can be cut apart and the beads reused to create pearly ornaments. Thread the beads onto straight pins and insert the pins into Styrofoam balls to create an interesting centrepiece.

Creative Candleholders

Candy and dessert dishes can be repurposed into amazing holiday-inspired candleholders. Use pieces of birch bark to line the containers and place a huge candle in the centre of the container. Ensure the wick is above or on the same level as the top of the repurposed candleholders. Pour in coffee beans or dried cranberries to complete the look.

Guidelines for Shopping for Christmas Decorations at Thrift Stores

Keeping your eyes open all through the year is the first rule by which true 'thrifters' must abide when shopping for Christmas decorations. Do not wait for the holiday season to seek out great finds. During the holiday season, everyone is looking for decorations and many times they are picked over. Typically, the best Christmas decorations are found earlier in the year.

Buy Wreaths and Garlands at Garage Sales and Thrift Stores

These items can be quite costly at regular retail stores so if you can find good ones at a yard sale or thrift store, you should grab them. Even if the wreath or garland has items on it you might not love, grab it anyway since the greenery part can always be used. Buy the ones that look more costly and real. The items can always be removed from the greenery and can be embellished with whatever you prefer. Replace them with items that are more suitable for your sense of style.

Search Thrift Stores and Garage Sales for Old Bells

Old bells can typically be found in homemade decor, wind chimes, and certain bags of items. There are pieces you can buy merely for the bells they contain. Remove the bells from the pieces and discard the rest. These bells can be used for many decorating purposes. Old bells are remarkable for putting in cloches, making garlands and as Christmas tree ornaments.

Make the Hunt Fun

Christmas decorations are available in many different styles, which makes thrift store hunting so much fun. There are all types of decorations to behold and will realize when you find that item that will perfectly fit your style. When browsing the shelves, keep in mind your holiday décor style. What can be used to makeover and fit into that style? Always keep your mind open.

Always Remember Your Budget

Overspending can take place in a thrift store similar to any other store. Knowing your budget is always a good idea before going inside the store. When you are deciding on items to buy, the budget will make the options quite easy. Remember to buy only the things you really love.

Go Frequently

It is necessary for thrift stores to move Christmas décor quickly. The items are seasonal and as such, they are constantly bringing out new stuff. Go as frequently as possible.