Having a baby is a unique and beautiful experience that can not be compared to any other joy. Adding to the pleasure of a new life and joining your family is the curiosity and excitement when it's time to reveal the baby's gender to your friends and relatives. Hence, gender reveal parties are a viral trend these days.

If you wish to add that extra spark to the celebration, unique ideas like gender reveal games can add to the fun factor. Read on to learn the five main tactics to make your gender reveal party an enjoyable experience.

Reasons for Hosting a Gender Reveal Party

According to an article in the Journal of Gender Studies, social media plays a pivotal role in making the gender of your unborn child public.

Here are some top reasons why this celebration is a viral trend.
  • Celebrate the start of your journey to parenthood.
  • Share your moment of happiness with your close friends and family members.
  • Express your joy and love towards the baby about to come into this world soon.

Top Five Ideas to Reveal the Gender of Your Child

Read on to find the five best tips to make your gender reveal party memorable.

1. Host a Game to Reveal the Gender

One of the best ideas to reveal the baby's gender is to host fun gender reveal games. You can host different games like:

Voting: For this game, you must ask the guests to vote if it's either a girl or a boy. You can also plan gifts for the winning side to make it more exciting.

M&Ms Guess: Everyone loves M&Ms, and if it's included in revealing the baby's gender, everyone can join in the fun, even little kids. For this game, you will need to fill the bottles with pink and blue colored M&Ms. The guests have to count the total number of each color to guess the child's gender.

Movie or Music Hints: This game is more like a puzzle your guests must solve. You can hand out a list of songs or movies with the words pink or blue. The guests have to identify the hints and find the baby's gender.

2. Surprise the Older Sibling

A newborn baby is a gift for a lifetime to your elder child. It is a great idea, therefore, to involve them in revealing the gender of their unborn sibling. Your elder child will be pleasantly surprised when revealing if they are expecting a younger brother or a sister.

A balloon pop reveals an idea that can never go out of fashion, as it's thrilling to see colors spread out from an inflated balloon. You can have your child prick it with a pin, which will burst with pink or blue powder or sparkles.

Let him or her hold a sign that announces if he or she is expecting a brother or a sister.

3. Use Different Colors and Themes

Consider decorating your party area indoors or outdoors in pink or blue and surprise the guests as they enter your home.

You can also choose gender reveal party banners and decorate the dining table to match the theme.

4. Break a Pinata

Pinatas are the perfect party activity for all types of events. You can fill a pinata with blue or pink candies and ask your best friend or sibling to break it with a baseball bat.

You may choose a pull-string pinata crafted like a lantern. It is an excellent option for letting kids reveal your baby's gender.

You can also use confetti poppers, cannons, or confetti inside eggs.

5. Reveal it with Food

One can never go wrong with revealing your baby's gender with a cake. You can make a multi-layered cake filled with pink or blue frosting, which will reveal the gender when it's cut.

Serving your guest special cookies with color-filled cream in the center is yet another exciting idea to reveal the gender of your baby to the party.

Another fun way to reveal your child's gender is to blindfold your elder kid or a close friend and feed them strawberry or blueberry-flavored Food. They can taste and identify if the unborn child is a girl or a boy.