Have you ever tried voice-changing apps? Just to prank your friends and relatives? You can even use it while live streaming to make funny accents and spice up the stream. Also known as voice morphing, you can change your own voice into other voices like of the opposite gender or of a different age for fun. And the good thing is you don’t need to be an expert to do that. You just need to download an app and you’re all set!

Here are some of the best voice changer apps (male to a female) that you can use to prank your friends.

1. Magic Call

Magic call developed by BNG Mobile is one of the coolest voice-changing apps available on the play store. Rated 3.3 on the play store not only lets you change your voice in real-time while you are on a call it also changes the background noises as you talk. From different sounds like raining sound and traffic sound, you can also make some convincing bluffs if you’re running late to the office or a meeting. When you download the app and register, you earn credit points that you can use for changing your voice the next time you are on a call.

2. JokesPhone - Joke Calls

One of the most popular applications for pranks around the world is JokesPhone. You just need to choose from the preloaded prank and jokes scenarios in the app and let the magic begin. Rated 4.2 on the play store, it has many pranks in different languages. You get one free prank as you download the app and then 1 free prank when you log in with your email or Facebook. And as part of the referral program, you get 2 free pranks with each friend you get.

3. Phone Id faker

Well, it’s time to take your pranks to the next level by installing Phone Id Faker, this works like a burner phone, and you can call your friends without them getting to know your number. The app provides you with an alternate number as it uses voice over internet protocol to make calls, so your identity is always safe and unknown from everyone. Rated 4.2 on the play store, you can surprise your friends by changing the voice and calling them from an unknown number.

4. Fun calls - Voice Changer and Call Recording

One of the cheapest yet working apps on the play store, through Fun, calls you can make international phone calls to landline and cell phones. Alternatively, you can also use this app for recording and keeping track of your calls. With this cool app, you prank your international friends too, and with many funny voices available on the app.

Please use the following apps for fun and pranks only, do not misuse these apps in any way to disturb someone or threaten anyone. Have fun and let others have fun by sharing this.