Amsterdam is one of the top destinations in Europe, especially for young children and perhaps less for families and has many attractions. Amsterdam stands out in many places from the rest of the country, and you will realize this from the first moment.

The people of Amsterdam are the most liberal you can meet. It is an entirely separate place with its own rules with its own philosophy with a different culture and a different culture. And all this will make your visit to this city special. But let's see in detail some sights of Amsterdam for those who will visit it for the first time:

Oude Kerk Church

With the small houses attached to its sides, this old church remains a quiet spot in the heart of the frantic area within the Red Lanterns District. Sailors used its buildings, especially the octagonal bell tower in Gothic-Renaissance style, to get their bearings for their work.

Dam Square

Dam Square, one of the must-see attractions in Amsterdam, is the centre and heart of Amsterdam, although there are arguably more beautiful areas in the city. As a historic site, however, it is fascinating and worth the time to see. Dam Square has seen many historical dramas unfold over the years and was, for example, the reception area for Napoleon and his troops during the occupation of the city in 1808. The impressive history of the square is well documented in the Amsterdam Historical Museum.

The Royal Palace (Koninklijk Paleis), which dominates the square, was initially used as a town hall, and its classical fa├žade and delicate sculptures were intended to glorify the city of Amsterdam and its government. Contrary to its turbulent history, the square is now a quiet place and offers shelter to hundreds of pigeons and tourists to rest their tired feet.

Begijnhof Garden

A narrow, vaulted passage leads to this charming garden surrounded by old houses. The houses in the courtyard were once owned by the monk Beguine nuns and are still home for unmarried women today. In the centre of the grass is a medieval church and at number 34 is the oldest house in Amsterdam. The entrance is from Spui and is indicated by an engraved sign. Admission is free, but you must be quiet!

Its famous canals

The many canals have led Amsterdam to become known as the "Venice of the North''. And so, a trip to Amsterdam is not complete without a canal cruise. A canal cruise can be both exciting and relaxing during the day and charming and romantic at night when many of the houses and bridges are lit up. The four main canals of the city are Prinsengracht, Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Singel. There are also numerous smaller canals in the Jordaan neighbourhood, of which Brouwersgracht, Bloemgracht and Leliegracht are particularly pleasant.

Jordaan area

Amsterdam's Jordaan, once a working-class area, is now well known and sought after. Renovated warehouses are hugely popular, and the Jordaan is now inhabited by a vibrant mix of students, affluent entrepreneurs and creative professionals. Jordaan has a lovely atmosphere with its narrow streets, picturesque canals, cafes, art galleries and unique shops. You can easily get lost in a pleasant walk through the charming streets that connect the three main canals.

In addition to the points mentioned above, Amsterdam has dozens of other points waiting for you to discover. For a complete Amsterdam experience, you are also advised to explore the surrounding area using your car, to get around easily. If you do not have your own car, then you can turn to the rental option from the company Enjoy Travel, which covers the whole country of the Netherlands with stores that can offer you the type of car you are looking for.