The entryway of your home is very important. It is the first thing anyone sees before they get in your abode. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you make a great statement that will lead to a good first impression. There are several ways, including DIY projects, that will help you improve your curb appeal, thus providing a welcoming touch to your entryway.

This article highlights some of the ideas you can incorporate to make your entryway inviting to your guests and give it a curb appeal. These include:

Lead Your Guests to the Front Door

Create an entryway that leads your guests directly to the front door. Some entryway layouts tend to confuse guests on where exactly to approach the house from. Therefore, consider adding some steps that lead towards the front door and well-painted columns that lead to the main door of your house. Also, consider marking the entryway in a manner that makes your guests feel invited into your home.

Add an Exterior Barn Door

After leading your guests to your front door, let them see that you have a sense of style and luxury by installing an exterior sliding barn door. Exterior barn doors are an excellent way to improve the curb appeal of your home. They can be used as entry gates, door or window shutters. Barn doors are a symbol of a modern look in any home. They help you save on space while acting as a decorative feature for your home. This would definitely make your entryway have an inviting feeling.

Bring Some Life to Your Entryway

Do not leave your entryway bare. Add some features such as two seats with decorative pillows on either side of the main door, potted greenery, and flowers to add some life and beauty to your entryway. Ensure that the pillows and seats complement the colour of your front door. In addition, greenery purifies the air and brings along a tranquil environment. Colourful flowers bring along ambience to your entryway. Anyone, including your guests, would love to experience such an environment.

Add Some Texture

Add a rug in your entryway to add some texture. There are many types of rugs, including exotic ones. Bring some foreign culture to your entryway to make a statement. Handwoven rugs are made from quality material with a mix of beautiful colours and patterns. You can consider a neutral tone as well. This is where your guests will leave their shoes or clean the dust from outside before they enter your home.

Work on Your Front Door

As you work on the rest of your entryway, do not forget your main door. Replace your old main door with a new one if your budget allows. There are a variety of materials to choose from, including wood and metal. Also, you can paint your front door. A freshly painted front door is the perfect way to add an inviting touch to your abode. Ensure that you choose a paint that is unique. This, combined with a little foliage, will make your entryway beautiful and present a good first impression to your guests.

Add Lighting Fixtures

Decorate your entryway with some light fixtures. Add some automatic lights at either side of the door that light up when a guest shows up at your front door. Also, add light fixtures on both sides of the path leading to your door to guide your guests and make a proper décor statement. Also, go overboard with floor lights. Floor lights are a great way to create an inviting curb appeal for your guests.

Incorporate Technology

In the world of today, there have been significant developments in smart homes. A good example is the use of a smart doorbell that shows you who is at your front door. While improving the security of your home, it also acts as part of your home décor.

All these are some of the unique ideas you should add to your entryway to make it inviting for your guests. Consider doing some of these projects yourself so that you can add a personal touch to your entryway. Also, ensure the décor achieves a perfect blend that is both beautiful and welcoming.