With movement marketing, you don't need to create an advertising campaign to tell your customers about your business — you can let them do all the talking for you. By identifying a culture shift and tapping into a relevant conversation, a brand can convey a relevant message closely tied to its product offerings. In addition, the brand gets to be part of the conversation, rather than just being another voice trying to get attention.

Further, a marketing movement strategy should be branded and incorporate elements like narratives, stories, leaders, and incentives, which can align brand and consumer identities.

How to make movement marketing work for your business

A brand's cultural movement can have a lasting impact. The cultural movement doesn't just come from the content your brand creates but also the lifestyle it promotes.

Once you've established a cultural movement, there are specific steps you should take to ensure its longevity.

Be authentic

The cornerstone of all sustainable marketing efforts is authenticity. No matter how clever or catchy, any manufactured or contrived campaign can be picked apart by savvy consumers. These days, brands must constantly ask themselves, what are the values behind my company? Who am I? And what do I stand for? If you can answer these questions with confidence and conviction, you will be well on your way to creating a truly effective marketing campaign that earns consumer trust.

Say no pushy marketing campaigns

Asking people to buy something outright is never the best sales strategy. Effective marketing does not force customers to take any particular choice or present them with a binary option (buy or don’t buy). It engages customers and gives them the information they need to have a conversation with you. Ultimately, it allows customers to make their own choices, often influenced by your marketing campaigns.

Inspire and engage consumers

Cultural movements sometimes start with a single idea, including everyone who shares the same passions and drives. Whether you're trying to create a movement around the latest technology or an old-fashioned dinner, whether you work at a tech startup or in the fashion industry; -you need to excite people about the message. One of the best ways to do that is to feel ownership over it by making it participatory.

Get your team to embrace your brand identity

The most important part of a Movement is the buy-in. When everyone — from the marketing team to the marketing director — is genuinely invested, they'll make it happen. Empowering them with the tools and abilities necessary to create something incredible can take your brand from good to great.

Why you should use movement marketing for your business

Owning a profitable business isn't lucrative if it doesn't make the world a better place. Activating your movement strategy lets customers know that you stand for change, influencing them to buy your product or service. Once they do, you can ensure that you use part of the money for social activism.

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