Vacation rentals sites like Vrbo and Airbnb offer home-like experiences to vacationers and travellers. From townhomes and apartments to old farmhouses, you can find just about any kind of property in most areas. Airbnb hosts take pride in offering up their homes and providing unique and memorable experiences. The most popular rentals offer all the comforts of home, from fully furnished kitchens and baths to luxury master bedrooms. To secure more renters, hosts try to create comfortable retreats that bring guests back whenever they are in the area.

The vacation rental industry is hotter than ever right now. Searching Airbnb, many will find that most properties are booked several months in advance. The competitive market, however, means that hosts must create a property that stands out. From furnishings and decor to landscaping, you must pay attention to all of the details to craft a place that travellers will want to come to.

Upgrading your space can be a quick and easy way to boost your bookings. Owners of oceanfront condos and mountaintop retreats don't have to work very hard to impress their guests. The environment and the views of those locations are major selling points. However, if you are like most Airbnb hosts, you might not have panoramic views or an unbeatable location. If this is the case, you'll need to rely on the property and the decoration to sell your space. If you have an old house that you want to turn into an Airbnb, there are a few things to consider.


Hosts with years of experience know that the exterior of your space is the face of your rental. Everything from the front porch to the landscape design to the welcome mat will make the first impression. When designing the yard, think about ways that you can highlight the natural environment. Often the outdoor space can be just as important as the interior, as your renters may want to spend time in an outdoor room or botanical gardens.

Homes that are in neighbourhoods should try to create outdoor spaces that provide privacy and an escape. You might also consider adding water features or other special accents. A landscape architect can help you craft the perfect space. Depending on where you live, searching for "Denver landscape architects," for example, will help you find a qualified professional in your area.


The most popular rentals offer fully furnished spaces. The more furnishings that you can offer, the better your rental bookings will be. If given a choice between places with microwaves and mini-refrigerators or homes that offer full kitchens with stoves, refrigerators, and washing machines, most people will choose the latter. You'll want to try and offer as many things as possible and ensure that they are in working order. When doing regular maintenance on your home, ensure that everything works so you can avoid any negative reviews or comments. Having a quality repair service to work on all of your major appliances will be a big help. Depending on the location of the Airbnb, searching for "Honolulu appliance repair," for example, will provide a list of qualified appliance repair companies in the area.


Along with your furnishings, you need to make sure that the interior design of your space is top-notch. You'll want to create a comfortable, welcoming environment from the floors to the wall paint to the art. Your Airbnb will be the home base for your renters, and they want to stay in places that make them feel at home. Keep the colours neutral to appeal to all guests, and consider creating a colour palette to incorporate throw pillows, blankets, and artwork around.

Your Airbnb can be a space that renters want to return to time after time. If you focus on your interior and exterior designs and furnishings, you can create a place that receives excellent reviews, ratings, and bookings.