Have you noticed that the guitarists on stage are pretty relaxed when they are strumming? They are at a feeling of absolute peace with themselves, and that reflects in their performance. Most people still do not realize the significance of the same. But, the truth is that guitar playing is a calming activity.

We are not saying it. Even the scientists have valid proof behind it. Here are six scientific reasons why you should also start learning and playing the guitar.

1. Reduces your stress levels

These days the stress levels are at an absolute high. People work or rather slog in offices, and even after coming home, their minds are continually on the job. Thankfully playing your guitar can prove to be an easy remedy.

As per a study conducted by the Loma Linda University School of Medicine and Applied Biosystems and Mind-Body Wellness Centre, strumming the guitar can reduce your stress levels. Rocking out every single day could reverse the impact of pressure on your body. Just 15 minutes of practice on your wireless guitar system can actually relax your senses.

2. Pain reliever

Are you suffering from chronic pain? If yes, then the solution might be pretty straightforward. A few minutes session on your Guitar could eliminate the pain. According to the University of Utah’s Pain Research Centre, guitar playing diverts your attention, and thus, the sensation of pain reduces.

3. Sharpen your brain

We do not know if Einstein strummed the guitar, but the proof says he might have. A Scottish study has some interesting insights to reveal. This leads to sharper brain function and protects you from brain decline in the future. So, just open your songbook and start your strumming.

4. Boost your heart health

A weak heart is a cause of many health woes. However, there is a simple tactic to boost the health of your heart. Some researchers from the Netherlands studied a few subjects and noted that those who strummed guitar for 100 minutes a day did not face any blood pressure problems. Plus, their heartbeat also remained in control.

5. Increase your creativity

Guitarists who are not playing continue to think of new and better tunes. This way, their creativity is never curbed. A Cambridge University study revealed that performers continue to visualize music even when they are not playing. Music strumming boosts creativity and hence the brain prowess too.

6. Makes exercising less stressful

If you are a guitarist, you can record your songs and save them. Now bring this music to your Gym and see how well you exercise. Scientists from Max Planck Institute for Cognitive and Brain Sciences proved that hearing your own music while gymming can make it less exhausting.


Music is a simple tactic most people use to relax. But guitarists are the ones who benefit the most out of their daily practice.

It's high time you started paying attention to your guitar lessons too. You won’t need any more meditation or yoga classes. Just when you feel the heat, pick up your guitar and let the music play.