If you are putting your clothes in self-storage, it is important to make sure they come out in the same condition as that which they went in. One Stop Self Storage self storage unit in Milwaukee is an excellent choice for anyone seeking to store their clothes in a secure and well-maintained environment. This post offers several guidelines that you should observe to guarantee that your clothes come out of storage looking as good as ever!

Clean, Dry And Sort All Clothes Bound For Storage

Storing your clothes without cleaning them first is a common mistake many people make. When put in storage, dirty clothes end up developing unpleasant smells, mould and mildew. If you mix clean clothes with dirty ones, the smells, mould and mildew will spread to all the clothes.

It is advisable to sort your clothes according to the fabric when putting them in storage. Sorting your clothes in separate containers helps maintain the fabrics in their optimal natural conditions by avoiding cross-contamination. A different plastic bin for your cotton, khaki, polyesters, wool etc, is a great way to maintain the integrity of each fabric during the long storage duration.

Consider Rolling Your Foldable Clothes

Folding clothes is great for short term storage in your wardrobe, but it is not ideal for long term storage. Rolling clothes like T-shirts and trousers may occupy more space but it is better for long term storage because it does not develop creases in clothes. The wrinkles formed by folding can prove difficult to remove after a long period of storage, and they could permanently damage your clothes.

Store The Heaviest Clothes At The Bottom

Put the heaviest clothing items at the bottom of the plastic storage bins. This will preserve your material by preventing the compression of light, delicate fabrics by heavy ones. Placing light clothes at the bottom of the container will cause them to form permanent creases or lose their natural shape or form.

Purchase A Wardrobe Box For Hanging Certain Clothes

It is not wise to fold or roll any clothes that you normally hang up in your closet. Folding or rolling items like dresses, blazers, blouses can damage them permanently by altering their natural form and flow. Wardrobe boxes come in different sizes and most have racks for you to hang everything up.

It is advisable to use padded, wooden, or plastic hangers because they are better suited to keeping your clothes in their best condition. Metal hangers are not suitable for storage because they are vulnerable to rust which can damage your clothes. Clothes can also get ripped or stretched out of shape by the sharp corners of metal hangers.

Use Clear Plastic Bins For Foldable Clothes

Plastic bins are much better than cardboard boxes for storing clothes because they are more durable, waterproof, and won’t be affected by pests or humidity while in the storage unit. You should buy bins that have a good air-tight lid. Consider purchasing clear bins since they offer the added advantage of being excellent for organizing and tracking your clothes compared to opaque cardboard boxes.

Use Cedar Balls To Keep The Bugs Away

Buy cedar balls or chips because they can protect your clothes from insects, mould, mildew, and odours while in storage. Do not put the cedar balls directly on your clothes. Instead, put them in a plastic bag and leave it slightly open. You can also leave some cedar balls in the storage unit to keep moisture, mould, mildew, insects, and foul odours at bay.

Do Not Vacuum Pack

Vacuum packing is tempting because it saves a lot of space when packing. However, it is not advisable to vacuum pack clothes for an extended amount of time because it can cause irreparable damage. Removing all the air from fabrics causes wrinkles, fabric damage and speeds up deterioration. Learn More About 9 Tips On How To Pack Smart For Simple Travel

Get Insurance

Many storage unit companies have various insurance coverage plans you can choose from depending on the value of goods you are insuring. You should probably buy insurance so that you can protect your clothes from unforeseen events like fire, floods, or break-ins. Storage insurance gives you peace of mind when storing expensive or sentimental garments. Learn More About Do’s And Don’ts Of Buying Life Insurance For The First Time

Consider A Climate Controlled Storage Unit

Even though climate-controlled units are much more expensive than regular indoor storage, they are certainly worth it. If your city has very extreme temperatures or you are planning on storing the clothes for a very long time, you should consider a climate-controlled unit. Expensive clothes are also best stored in a regulated unit.