If you are up to date with fashion in Japan, you would have known that Tokyo's status as a style hub has improved. Also, Japanese trends of fashion are often centred on expression, culture, and community. More so, streetwear is one of those fashion trends that is seen in the everyday personal style of young Japanese people. Learn More The Different Types of Streetwear Clothing

Let’s check out the few streetwear styles that will give your wardrobe a refreshment. However, here is the fantastic inspiration you need to look different: 

Bold and Cozy Coatigans

Usually, the coatigan is heavier than the sweater because it is made of thick yarn. Although in the past wearing coatigans was reserved for school or probably grandmas, it has become a fascinating fashion trend in Japan.

For ladies, you can rock the coatigans on colourful blouses and dresses so that it creates a beautiful colour combination. Besides, this outfit suits a cold evening outing. No to add the street to your coatigan and colourful dress and blouse, wear a black sneaker. You can wear a hoodie too.

Meanwhile, a black colourfully designed T-shirt and cargo pants will do. So, you can also look good while wearing your coatigans. That’s to say that coatigans are multifunctional.

Pop and Block

Do you want to stand out in your streetwear outfit? Then try some brighter clashing rainbow hues. Mixing pop colours with sharp-looking graphics green is one way to make a huge statement. The best way to adorn a colorful streetwear outfit is to follow the colour blocking rule.

To colour block your streetwear to the admiration of others, you need to pair major colours with major ones and minor colours with minor ones. For instance, you can pair pink with orange. However, if you pair pink with light green, it may not give you the perfect streetwear color blocking.

Also, your sneakers could be a very sharp or dark colour. If you combine major colours on your outfit, then your sneakers should be a minor colour. That way, your footwear will also get some attention. To match, you can wear a hoodie that is the same colour as your footwear.

Bubble Gum Pink

The pink colour is one of the colours that have a dual nature. More so, the pink colour can be in different shades. The most adoring shade of pink is the bubble gum colour. Obviously, the bubble gum pink is amazing, bright, and vibrant. Most popular streetwear brands are designing clothing with an amazing shade of bubble gum pink.

To make your bubble gum pink streetwear fascinating, pair it with a neutral colour. You can opt for a light shade of grey or sky blue. The best time to put on a bubble gum pink outfit is during the spring or summer. The bubble gum pink streetwear will make you appear both chic and powerful.

Furthermore, the misconception that pink is for women only is far from it. The bubble gum pink is universal. Undoubtedly, the bubble gum pink outfit looks good on both men and women.

Monochrome Colors

If you want to make a streetwear statement, then opt for monochrome colours. In the past, monochrome colours looked outdated and very impossible to wear. However, the best way to make a statement in your streetwear is to adorn monochrome colors.

Aside from being classic, monochrome colors are also good when you want to add a touch of color blocking to your outfit. For streetwear wear, a lot of people prefer monochrome colours like black or white.

Don’t opt for monochrome street colours like green without adding a small shade of a bright colour like pink or white. Green is often not a streetwear colour per see.

Silver and Metallics

Although this trend of combining silver and metallics will take you back to the 80s, there are several ways to make it look more modern. However, the aim here is not to go overboard. As a beginner, you can add a little touch of silver and metallics to your outfit. For instance, for the ladies, you can add a few metallic cheeks, silvery eyeshadow, and sparkling hair too.

Meanwhile, the men can opt for sparking hair colour and some silver bracelets and chains. As you upgrade, you can go for silver shoes and shiny clutches.

To balance your silver metallic look, you can add a few neutral and major colours. To go all the way, you can opt for a metallic silver suit or dress for an evening sit-out.
Is streetwear a popular fashion style in Japan?

Yes, streetwear is one of the popular fashion trends in Japan. Although, most of the popular streetwear brands in Japan are influenced by western brands. Undoubtedly, the Japanese street brands also manage to squeeze in some Japanese culture into their streetwear.

As a matter of fact, most Japanese streetwear brands are beginning to gain some worldwide attention. Aside from that, streetwear has always been a style of dressing in Japan. However, the popularity of streetwear skyrocketed in recent times. Like you would know, the Japanese population is made up of a huge population of young people. Finally, to buy Japanese streetwear clothes, you can go online too.