While a good number of people prefer to drink coffee made from roasted coffee, not everyone has the time to brew coffee. Some people just want to get a quick cup of coffee.

Why not set up an instant coffee business of your very own? By setting up an instant coffee business, you will be able to provide coffee lovers with a caffeine fix easily.

Before you do start on this business venture though, you should have a set plan. Here are some great tips for setting up an instant coffee business.

Choose A Great Concept

When it comes to setting up your company you should make sure that you have a unique concept. Remember that Instant coffee is a somewhat commonplace product.

People will buy Instant coffee because it is a necessity, however, you will have a lot of competition. If you are going to come up with a concept, you should make it as unique as possible.

Reach Out To Investors

Financing any kind of business is a tricky thing because there are so many things that you will have to take into account.

You will also need a small fortune in order to finance your business. If you are going to set up an instant coffee company, you should resist the urge to start right away and finance the business yourself.

When you reach out to investors, it is important that you don’t look overeager. You may seem desperate, and this will be a sign to investors that your business is not worth investing in.

Get A Great Coffee Supplier

If you want customers to buy your Instant coffee, you should make sure that the coffee beans that you use are of the best quality possible. While Instant coffee is not as fancy as brewed coffee, this does not mean that you should be satisfied with subpar coffee beans.

Make it a priority to reach out to established coffee bean suppliers. The top coffee bean suppliers are usually based in countries such as Vietnam, Ethiopia, Brazil, and Indonesia.

Invest In An Efficient Manufacturing Site

Once you have an efficient coffee bean supply line, it is important that you build an efficient manufacturing site. The manufacturing site does not have to be a big one. What’s important is that the site is big enough to hold all your tools and equipment.

First things first, you should invest in good quality coffee powder making machines. These specialized machines are capable of crushing coffee beans and separating the coffee beam shells.

Aside from Instant coffee production, it is also important that you invest in pick and place industrial robots. These types of robots are specially made to pack goods in record time.

Choose The Right Containers For Your Instant Coffee

If you want your Instant coffee products to be safe during the storage, and transportation process, it is important that you invest in good quality containers.

One of the best containers that you could use is flexible packaging pouch. These types of containers are great because they are light, durable, and have enough surface space for you to put ads or graphics onto. If you want to invest in good quality containers, you should check out Logospack. The company is capable of creating top-quality plastic pouches and sells them wholesale at affordable prices.

Aside from the packaging, you should also invest in a premade pouch packaging machine. This will make the packing process so much more efficient in the long run.

Marketing Is Key

Instant coffee is a necessity for most people, you might still find it tricky to actually market your products. The coffee market is saturated by many established Instant coffee companies. If you want to make your coffee company stand out, it is very important that you market as aggressively as possible.

The first thing you should do is set up a company website. This is very important because it is through your website that you will be conducting the majority of your marketing. Your website is your main marketing platform, and through your website, you will be able to conduct various marketing strategies.

Aside from your website, you should also utilize social media platforms to conduct a social media campaign. Remember that your company is just starting out, so you should market your product as much as possible. A social media campaign is very efficient because it will allow you to reach a myriad of potential customers. Through your Facebook account, you could post videos and advertisements for your business. You could also use Instagram to post pictures and advertisements of your products.

If you want to spread the word of your Instant coffee company even further, you could create commercials and post them through YouTube. If you want to go even further, you could even set up a YouTube account. Through your account, you could create some great content that will attract potential customers.

Find Interested Retailers

There are many ways that you could use to sell your Instant coffee, however, the most potent and effective retailers that you could approach are grocery stores.

Remember that it is usually the grocery stores that sell Instant coffee. However, if you are going to approach a retailer, you should make sure that your products are as attractive as possible. Aside from retailers, you could also start small and sell your products online. This will lessen the need to set up a physical store.


If you want to set up an instant coffee business company, you should make sure that you cover all the bases. With these tips, you’ll be able to set up your Instant coffee business, in the most efficient way possible.