10-Storey Building
The 10 modular apartment building was built by the Chinese Broad Group, Named Living Building, located in Changsha, China.

Broad Group released a report showing that a 10-storey house was built in China with three cranes and a large group of workers for about 28 hours 45minutes.

The building has the "shortest time in the world" according to the company.

The tower was built with stainless steel modules. The living space of the house was assembled from units equipped with stainless steel containers, manufactured by Broad Group.

The drawn container modules were wrapped around one wall of each folded room to form a plate on the floor and a no-frills space was created that is approximately 12 meters by 4.8-meters. The balconies and windows were rolled away from the locked room.

The necessary modules are taken to the site with all the power and the internal finish was complete which means that the installation can be done quickly.

One of the things about the house is that any container can be removed and moved if necessary.