Trying to finance your next home project? Are you interested in real estate flipping? If you are considering doing a big renovation on a house property that you own, you might need to look into construction loans. This type of funding method is usually the best choice that you can use for building a new house, renovating an old house, or performing some modifications on your current property to create the house of your dreams! Let's see a few details about construction loans and why they could be the perfect option for you and your family!

Construction loans - what are they?

The first thing that you need to learn about when it comes to finding a specific project for your house is - what are construction loans? Click here to know construction loans are basically a short-term investment funding method that lets you acquire the necessary funds to make modifications, renovations, or changes to your specific property. If you are going to add some upgrades to your property or add a new section to your house, getting construction loans provides you with around 1 year of funding for your big projects.

But what does a construction loan cover when funding a new project on your property? Usually, construction loans cover the cost of the resources used to build the new section of your house, land permits, state fees, contractor fees, labour wages, and the cost of the property. Even though some smaller items may not be covered with construction loans - like the furniture, add-ons, and technology added to your house - construction loans still cover the big-fee items (such as landscaping).

Next, let’s get into how construction loans work. After all, you need to know how this funding method is going to help your investment. Construction loans typically have rates that are dependent on the prime rate and the current average mortgage loan rates. If mortgage loan rates are high, the construction loans might be even higher. However, even though they have a higher rate, the approval process is easier and quicker - making it a good choice for those who have poorer final standings and less credibility.

In addition, there are other types of construction loans that you need to decide between when it comes to financing your next project:
  • Construction to permanent loan - this type of construction loan, also known as single-close loans, is used to help provide the money needed to build your house and the mortgage.
  • Construction only loan - this type of construction loan is used only to fund the building or the changes to your house - this type of loan does not cover the mortgage or the loan.
  • Renovation loan - this type of construction loan helps fund exchanges to your existing house by providing you with funding to help modernize and specialize your home.


If you're trying to build a new house, construct a new building, or renovate your current house, then you need to look into construction loans. This type of funding method is typically easier to acquire than bank loans - albeit riskier - and can provide you with the equity needed to make changes to build your dream house!