When it comes to the topic of watchmaking, the most mentioned country would be Switzerland. Experts and watch enthusiasts consider Switzerland the modern hub of watchmaking due to the top-quality models Swiss brands consistently produce. However, not often mentioned or even overlooked by many in the watchmaking conversation is the country of Japan.

Japanese watch brands have had a lot of positive contributions to the market for decades. However, they’re not as recognized worldwide as their European counterparts. Although such is the case, Japanese watchmakers continue to innovate, producing more durable and technologically advanced watches in recent years.

If you’re searching for a new timepiece to wear or give someone, why don’t you try looking at Japanese brands? They might have some that’ll pique your interest. With that in mind, read about the top Japanese watch brands that watch lovers should know.


Seiko created the first quartz watch in 1969 and has continued to innovate ever since. They’ve manufactured some of the finest watches known to man and have a long history that began in 1881. They’ve also managed to establish themselves as a fully integrated brand throughout their existence, keeping ahead of their competition.

After creating the Seiko Astron in 1969, they’ve also made various high-quality dive, mechanical, and automatic watches. Their prices range from super affordable to the most high-end of costs. But all of it is worth spending for because of the various designs that can fit most attires and accurate movements that they developed themselves.

Their signature lines include the Seiko Lukia, some of the most good-looking and functional mechanical watches, and the Seiko Presage, their automatic watch line. Their products are also known for their durability, and they also have their signature luxury brand Grand Seiko.


You’ve probably seen teenagers and kids wearing a G-Shock in the past decade or so. They were so popular during the mid-2000s until the early 2010s, and you’ll probably still see some people wearing them today. G-Shocks are Casio’s most popular creation and are a huge reason why they’re a well-known brand.

Casio is an electronics manufacturer best known for its durable timepieces, such as the G-Shock. This Japanese brand created the first mass-produced digital watches. They started with the calculator watch and other gimmicky chronographs.

Today, they remain to be one of the most recognized Japanese brands along with Seiko. They continue to design the most durable watches for outdoor enthusiasts while integrating advanced electronics technology in them.


Citizen is similar to Seiko because it also had a groundbreaking creation. This Japanese brand is best known for creating the world’s first light-powered analogue quartz watch, the Eco-Drive. It was a breakout moment in the watch world, and since then, Citizen has done well for themselves.

Aside from a watch that both natural and artificial light can power, they also produce satellite watches that automatically set themselves in your timezone without needing a satellite signal. They also create “super quartz” watches that feature a combination of advanced engineering and horology that provides excellent accuracy.


Although not as popular as the ones mentioned above, many watch enthusiasts consider Orient an iconic Japanese watch brand. They focus on making mechanical watches, and like Seiko, they also feature their in-house movement. That’s because they’re part of the Seiko Group after they were bought in 2009.

Besides the Japanese movement that Seiko spearhead in creating, Orient makes everything else themselves. Their brand also produces quartz and solar-powered watches. They also offer high-quality mid-range watches, along with their high-end Orient Star collection.


Minase is an independent watch brand that was known in the past as a watch case maker. After some time of doing so, they leapt and produced their own line of watches. They began manufacturing timepieces in 2005 and have made a name for themselves with their luxury watches.

However, you’ll have difficulty finding their timepieces outside Japan unless you expose yourself to microbrands like Minase. Their watches are handmade, thus, making them high-end and durable. They design their watches so that all parts are replaceable, which levels their durability alongside popular brands’ most luxurious watches.

What sets their products apart from other brands are their cases. Their dial cases are kept inside another case, which protects the movement from damages.


Japanese brands make some of the most beautiful, functional, durable, and innovative watches in the world today. If you want either a luxury or a mid-range watch, they got it. You’ll surely have your money’s worth should you choose to buy yourself one from either of these brands.

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