Young Lady Posted a Photo Advertising

The Coronavirus has had so many impacts on our lives, especially on economic activities. Many jobs were lost, rands lost value, and prices gradually increased. With all that, everybody had to start something that would bring in money in return. Even the social development services have been influencing people to start their own businesses, as the scarcity of jobs might have long-term effects on the economy. Many people in the rural areas started small businesses so that they could support their families as the social relief grant is not enough.

A young lady well known as Dr Phomolo on Twitter shared a photo of her business location trying to get more customers, but Mzanzi noticed something else in the picture. See her post below:

After sharing the photo, people noticed that her business equipment and location are not as clean as she is. Many people in the comments section were complaining that she should put hygiene first. See some of the comments below: