Have you suffered injuries in an auto accident? If so, it’s easy to assume that in an accident, the claims will proceed in the same way regardless of the size or type of the vehicle that caused the crash. In reality, claims proceedings are very different and are dependent on the size of the car. Hale Law, P.A.: truck accident attorneys in Florida can help you if you are involved in such an accident. Wondering about the difference between a car crash injury claim and a commercial truck wreck claim? Read below to find out.

A Claim Following A Truck Accident May Require A Deeper Investigation And Evidence Than A Car Crash Injury Claim

Generally, after getting into a car accident, your lawyer has to check for evidence such as witness statements, camera footage(if it is available), damage to the vehicles, and the area around the accident. But after a commercial truck accident, the lawyer needs to have more extensive evidence as things are not that simple. Some of the things the lawyer needs to check in a commercial truck wreck include the driver's qualifications and history, truck maintenance history, inspection history, information on the truck's cargo, and many more.

With the extensive evidence needed to evaluate a commercial truck wreck claim, you can be sure that more time will be required to thoroughly investigate the case and ensure the lawyer understands all details that led to the accident.

You May Need To Act Faster In A Truck Accident Than In A Car Accident

You need to know commercial companies and their truck drivers are obligated by law to keep records for a minimum of six months. It can be challenging for lawyers to access crucial information that can help your claim after that period. The sooner you get to hire a personal injury lawyer, the better as they will begin their investigation sooner, thus making it easier for them to uncover the evidence required to prove liability in your accident.

You May Find More Parties Involved in Commercial Truck Wreck Claims Than In Car Crash Injury Claims

In a car crash injury claim, you may only have to deal with the driver of the vehicle that crashed into yours, but in a commercial truck wreck claim, there may be more parties involved. There can be other companies under contract for loading and unloading cargo and shippers or receivers who are also liable for injuries caused by their negligence. In addition, you might need to sue the truck’s manufacturers if your accident was due to defective parts on the big rig.

You also need to know that several multiple parties may share liability in a commercial truck wreck in some cases. Suppose you're looking to increase the compensation you get for your injuries. In that case, it is best if all parties that share liability for your accident are identified, as you can file a personal injury claim against each one.

Commercial Truck Drivers Are Held To Higher Legal Standards Than Drivers Of Private Passenger Cars

Commercial truck drivers need to pass much more stringent licensing tests and follow more detailed road rules because of the sheer size and weight of commercial trucks. They are required to take extra precautions on roads with sharp curves, bridges, or uneven surfaces because their vehicles cannot handle such shifts in direction as well as smaller cars can.

Commercial truckers also have a greater responsibility for following traffic laws and regulations than regular drivers do because they're responsible for the safety of not just themselves but for all other people who share the roadways, including pedestrians and passengers in private passenger cars. As a result, they are held accountable after making minor errors that would not be an issue for other private cars.

Commercial Truck Accidents May Cause Much More Severe Injuries Than Car Crashes

A commercial truck accident can cause much more severe injuries than a regular car crash. This is because commercial trucks generally weigh around 80,000 pounds and have large blind spots, which make it difficult to see pedestrians or bicyclists in the area. The sheer size of these vehicles makes falls from overpasses and other high structures even more dangerous since there is less chance that an injury will be minor when falling from such heights onto the concrete below.

When you are involved in an auto accident, it is best to know the type of accident, whether a car crash or truck accident. By knowing the several differences in their claims proceedings, you can get a better understanding of the compensation you deserve.