Faxing is a substitute for postal services and other delivery systems. Businesses use fax machines to transmit various resources. Previously, faxing relied on machines and phone lines, but at present, it has evolved into being internet-based. Generally, cloud faxing has numerous advantages over traditional fax. If you’re looking for affordable enterprise cloud faxing, you can sign up for eGoldFax. You can enjoy scalability, enterprise design, and universal access right here on eGoldFax.

Differences Between Online Faxing and Traditional Faxing

Many businesses are upgrading from analogue faxing to cloud faxing for the following reasons:

1. Security

Whether it’s top-secret company data or a sales pitch, various documents that are faxed typically need to be confidential. But with traditional fax, the document might get printed and lie around, and an office worker to whom it wasn’t intended gets to access it. But with cloud faxing, the systems are secure; the faxes are typically encrypted and delivered to specific addresses. The recipient receives the notification, and they access the resources within a virtual environment of confidentiality.

2. Scalability

Traditional faxing typically requires extensive hardware and supplementary services. But despite being resource-intensive, its output isn’t particularly great. You can only send one fax at a time. On the other hand, cloud faxing can process voluminous faxes and deliver them to groups conveniently. Thus, cloud faxing can meet your high demands if you’re dealing with large document sizes or a greater number of recipients.

3. Location Limits

With traditional faxing, you need to be standing next to the fax machine to send or receive faxes. If you travel for business, does it mean you would have to bring your traditional faxing architecture? That is out of the picture. But with cloud faxing, you can send and receive faxes with your computer or phone. Thus, even travelling to new places wouldn’t stop you from transmitting faxes.

4. International Deliveries

If you rely on traditional faxing, suppose you need to send fax abroad, you would need an international carrier. These kinds of arrangements can be dogged with errors and frustrations. But if you’re signed up to a cloud faxing platform, you can choose international fax numbers, and such services are stable and reliable.

5. Repairs and Maintenance

Suppose the machine breaks down, when using traditional faxing, you would have to call a technician to perform repairs. This can be frustrating. But cloud faxing involves apps and software, and in case of system problems, you can rely on the provider to sort the problem. It’s also the responsibility of the provider to update their systems and services to avoid system faults.

6. Storage Features

If you receive an important document through a fax machine, you’re likely to need it in the future, so you need to store it properly. But putting your documents in the filing room presents all manner of risks. On the other hand, cloud faxing is equipped with a file storage system, and this helps you store your files securely, and you would only lose them if you deleted them.

7. Output Quality

Traditional fax machines were invented many decades ago. If a company isn’t using upgraded machines, the output quality is likely to be poor. On the other hand, cloud faxing utilizes top-notch systems and software, which ensures that the output is superior.

8. Legal Compliance

In the modern age, data is a valuable resource. And businesses typically store sensitive customer information. Various legislations that protect customer data have come up, and businesses and organizations are required to comply. If a business is proven to be negligent in protecting customer privacy, that may be grounds for prosecution. Transmitting sensitive customer data through traditional faxes increases the likelihood of the data falling into the wrong hands. But when you use cloud faxing, the system is secure, and it can be conveniently sent to teams or groups. Many businesses have upgraded to cloud faxing to comply with various data protection legislation.

9. Environmentally Friendly

With traditional faxing, a lot of resources are required; papers, hardware, services, etc. A vast amount of papers are put into traditional faxing. When our planet experiences global warming, we need our trees and environment to be conserved. But having trees felled to feed the traditional faxing industry is a bit problematic. On the other hand, digital faxing platforms can transmit faxes electronically and eliminate printing faxes.

10. Flexibility

With traditional faxing, you require the coordination of different systems to be able to transmit faxes. But online faxing is supported by a single platform, so you don’t have to worry about something not working.