The Dachau camp is a Nazi concentration camp, and it is the first camp built after Hitler came into government. It was called the horror show and had a very dark and eerie feeling to it. It was the end of the beginning and the beginning of the future.

It is very important that this and other spaces related to this dark time in human history be made known so that it does not happen again. For this reason, it is offered a Dachau Memorial Tour.

The first Nazi concentration camp

Just seven weeks later, the primary concentration camp in Germany was established. This camp was a brief distance outside of Munich besides the town of Dachau. The direct targets were the political opponents: Communists, Socialists, journalists, and outspoken clergymen. Nazis put them into the Dachau concentration camps for "re-education," and some never returned.

The Model camp

This infamous camp had been used as a model to make other camps. It is miserable. The SS would train their men here then command a massive system of centres stretching across Nazi-occupied Europe. The Nazis also called it "The camp of horror.” At Dachau, the SS created an environment where the citizenry would be subjected to torture, starvation, degradation, medical experiments, mass executions, and death. They had joined together to make the International Dachau Committee. The Bavarian government provided support.

Opening hours

Visitors' Center, Exhibitions, and Grounds: The camp Site is open regularly from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. This Memorial Site is only closed on December 24. No prior appointment is essential, and entry is free.

Administration, Archive, and Library: All the admin offices, library, and concentration camp archives are located at the maintenance building where you can visit and remember the horror of the Holocaust.


No prior appointment is essential, and entry is free. If you're getting to use a car or motorbike to drive to the Memorial Site, please note that fees are charged for using the parking zone within the summer months (March to October).

Services for the Visit

You'll find information concerning the different options here. Please note: All of the programs offered by the Department of Education are for visitors over the age of 13.

This Concentration Camp was opened in 1933, and all types of political prisoners, artists, homosexuals, and Jews were put into it and murdered mercilessly. Only weeks after Hitler became the Reich Chancellor, it had been a model camp for later concentration camps. Until the American troops liberated the survivors in 1945, quite 200.000 people were imprisoned in Dachau. 41.500 people were murdered.

An unforgettable and academic tour led by an officially authorized expert guide. You'll hear harrowing survivors’ stories of the brutality of lifestyle and death within the camp. A comprehensive and immersive experience that's not to be missed. The Dachau Tour focuses on the intimate stories of these individual people that experienced the camp while sometimes also "zooming out" to assist you in understanding the broader history. Your questions are considerably welcomed throughout your visit to the present difficult place.


The history of Germany in the Nazi era is full of horror and sadness, and we have to keep remembering who died there, so this horror never happens again.