Transportation is a critical aspect of healthcare services because not all patients have access to a vehicle for travelling to a medical facility. It isn’t only for emergencies but also for people who face challenges travelling for a medical appointment. That’s where non-emergency medical transportation comes in, an alternative that can provide that help.

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is a vehicle that’s either private or provided by a service, which aids in helping patients whose circumstances aren’t classified as an emergency in travelling for medical purposes. These are people who struggle to travel because of their conditions or have no access to a mode of transportation. Most patients who require NEMT are either handicapped, the elderly, or a person who’s recovering from surgery or an injury.

Not everybody owns a vehicle that they can use for medical purposes, making this all the more important. It also has its perks for patients that are having a tough time with their current situation. Here are those advantages that support the importance of NEMT.

Comfort and reliability

The use of NEMT’s provides comfort for the patients’ trips to a medical facility. It’s visible in many ways. One of them is the feeling of independence, which stems from the desire not to be a burden to friends, family, relatives, or neighbours. It’s an understandable concern because it’s normal for most patients to think that way. By having a vehicle that they can use to transport themselves, there’ll be no need to worry about those things.

Nowadays, there are also vehicle manufacturers that make cars specifically for the travel convenience of ill people. Also, there are businesses where you can find and purchase or rent your personal NEMT vehicle. If you look it up online, there could be a transport vans sale where you can buy a specialized van with NEMT features such as wheelchair-accessible seats.

Besides purchasing or renting a vehicle for non-emergency patients, you can also book one whenever you need it. Many companies that offer medical management services have vehicles suited for NEMT needs that you can book via an app. Apart from the driver, the patient will be accompanied by a nurse who will assist them and ensure they’re comfortable travelling to and from their appointments.

These services also have other small perks like routing your trip to your medical appointment. They coordinate which road to take for smoother and faster travel, and they match which vehicle will take you there to your needs, i.e., stretcher, wheelchair, and others. In addition, a NEMT service carries vital medical equipment that will be handled by trained personnel in case the patient will require to use one.


The booking or rental of a NEMT service is often more affordable than calling for an ambulance or booking public transport vehicles. There are a couple of reasons why that is the case. The first one is that booking or using public transport for patients with regular appointments also adds to your overall expenses.

If you look at it, booking a van specialized for non-emergency patients for their regular appointments is more practical. It’s a more convenient ride for the patient, and there are fewer worries about availability and other possible issues from the patient.

The other reason is the cost of an emergency vehicle considers the emergency equipment and professional staff on hand. This means the patient is paying for the excess that they don’t need. If your situation can be handled with less medical help, you should take that option because it’s more affordable.

Final words

Patients without a pressing medical need also deserve to have options optimized for their travel. NEMT’s gives them just that and what is enough for them to get through. It’s reliable, comfortable, affordable, and safe, which is just what they need.

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Rosette is a freelance writer who loves to travel and go on road trips. Setting off the road for over five years now, she’s developed a habit of looking for the best transportation services to give her a one-of-a-kind experience on the road. Today, it has become her hobby to read and write about transportation comfortability, safety, and luxury.