When my sister first started her career as a physical therapist assistant I started learning more about physical therapy. Previously, I had a bit of my own experience rehabbing injuries growing up as an athlete and working briefly as an intern in a local physical therapy clinic. But when my sister became keen to share what she was learning about in school with me or some new exercises she was working on with her patients I became really interested in PT. Now, every time something started hurting on my body I made sure to tell my sister so I could get some tips on how to make it feel better.

Oh and my Dad, the retired plumber with a bad back. I love watching her get down on the floor with him and show him exercises that we both knew he would never do on his own.

I get a nostalgic feeling thinking back over these memories and I can't help but begin to think about my other friends who are now physical therapists and physical therapist assistants. I love all of my friends and family in physical therapy and so I wanted to share a list of reasons that I fell in love with the physical therapy profession.

I was able to come up with 23 reasons that anyone, especially students, would love the physical therapy profession.

Why I Love the Physical Therapy Profession

Overall, PT is the most efficient and effective form of health care for me personally and for most people I know.

I hate going to doctors and hospitals and I despise taking medication, especially prescription drugs with side effects. So, I have always been a huge fan of learning about preventative care and other more natural types of medicine and health care.

Physical therapy fits right in with my healing philosophy and so it wasn’t hard for me to fall in love with PT.

Here is a list of the main reasons that I fell in love with the Physical Therapy Profession.
  1. Physical therapists are sure to help you recover from injury
  2. If you are not injured, physical therapy offers health benefits to prevent injuries and health conditions
  3. You can avoid going to multiple specialists by consulting a physical therapist for advice or treatment
  4. You can avoid taking prescription drugs and other medications with harmful side effects
  5. You can save yourself the time and trouble of making appointments with multiple doctors and specialists
  6. You can visit a physical therapist and get a specialist's opinion about your issue in minutes
  7. Physical Therapy is a broad health profession that helps improve movement and manage pain through a variety of different interventions so you can find what works best for you.
  8. PT includes therapies for everyone, such as manual therapy, massage therapy, joint mobilization, and muscle stretching, as well as a variety of other non-invasive devices and techniques used to help improve function.
  9. Physical therapy is known for treating musculoskeletal injuries and many other health conditions, there are even PT treatments for Alzheimer's
  10. Physical therapy is a good way to improve your overall health through physical activity
  11. Physical therapy is a non-invasive method of treatment that has been proven to provide relief from a variety of physical ailments, from chronic pain to sports injuries.
  12. Physical therapy helps to improve the quality of life of individuals with health conditions
  13. Physical therapy improves the ability to participate in everyday life activities
  14. Physical therapy helps to manage pain
  15. Being a physical therapist is one of the best professions you can be in, as it allows you to help people by working with them on their health and wellness.
  16. Physical Therapist Assistants have been rated as the #1 healthcare support job
  17. Physical therapy is not just about recovery after an injury, it is about continuing to take care of your body
  18. Physical therapy has a lot of scholarships and financial aid for students to become PTA or PT
  19. You can get plenty of specialized training
  20. You can get a job in every part of the country
  21. You can work as a Traveling PT and even work in foreign countries
  22. There are plenty of opportunities to grow personally and professionally, such as PTA to PT bridge programs to become a physical therapist
  23. You can get your PT treatments at home using any of these physical therapy apps

Over to You

Ok, that is all for now. If I can come up with 23 reasons why I fell in love with Physical Therapy then I bet you can come up with a few yourself.

Physical therapy is one of the most efficient and effective forms of healthcare that is available, and it has been shown to be a very effective treatment for a very wide variety of different conditions.

Also, a career in physical therapy is arguably one of the best careers to have. Not only are you rewarded financially with an average salary of $86,000, but the job provides plenty of advancement opportunities. It is also important to note how satisfied physical therapy professionals are with their career choice.

So, after reading this it might be time for you to give Physical Therapy a shot for some of those aches and pains or perhaps for your career choice.