Congratulations on your decision to go for treatment at a drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility. Realizing that you need professional intervention is the first step towards achieving a successful recovery.

The next step should involve choosing a residential treatment program to help you recover from the addiction and reclaim your life.

But how do you find one that best suits your needs?

To help you out, here’s a list of factors you should look for when scouting for a solid residential treatment centre in Asheville, NC.

1. What Conditions does the Residential Treatment Center in Asheville, NC treat?

While many treatment centres focus on treating all sorts of addiction, there are those that specialize in treating different drug addictions. For instance, some only focus on alcohol dependency, while other centres focus solely on sex addition.

As such, you need to be aware of what your preferred rehab facility treats, and whether they are well equipped to treat the condition you’re suffering from.

2. The Therapies Involved and Their Efficacy

Addiction therapies are essential in helping the patient recuperate during their residency so they can resume their normal lives after they’re discharged from the facility. For this reason, try and find out what therapies are involved and their success rate.

Some of the therapies provided by residential treatment centres include:

  • Physical therapy helps the patient regain body strength and reduce pain and discomfort from their withdrawal symptoms.
  • Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) helps the patient with their sensory, reasoning, and memory skills.
  • Psychotherapy, or talk therapy, that’s designed to help improve the mental health of the patient and fight off any anxiety or depression symptoms.
Note that addiction therapy often occurs in individual, family, or group sessions with other recovering addicts.

3. Projected Timeframe of the Recovery Program

Since the residential treatment program will require you to take up residency at the facility, you need to know how long the treatment will last and assess whether it’ll be practical for you.

Your physician should be able to provide a timeline that should work for you depending on the drug involved, the level of dependency, and the stage of addiction you’re in. All the same, you must be realistic on the projected duration so you can also resume your normal life, be it school or work.

To Sum It Up

Addiction is a chronic disease that alters the way your brain and body function. If left untreated, addiction can get worse, often requiring professional help.

Finding the ideal residential treatment centre is a bit like trying to decide what brand of smartphone you want to buy; the wide variety of options available is enough to make you go crazy.

However, unlike your preferred brand of phone, the decision you make on your preferred inpatient treatment centre can impact the rest of your life in more ways than one. But don’t allow that to deter you from scouting an ideal rehab. Instead, let it spur you on to make a positive change in your life.