Everyone can experience the satisfaction of reloading if they know the right reloading supplies within a little bit of knowledge because it gives shooting enthusiasts unique joy. As a newbie, choosing the right premium tools is a big benefit for your reloading journey. Right reloading tools save your valuable money, give greater power and consistency, Accountability, Reliability, and many more. In this article, we are exploring the top 5 premium reloading tools so that you can enhance your reloading process easily. So let's explore it…...

AMP Brass Annealer

Needing an annealer it's very personal, if you are just reloading a pistol it's not mandatory to have an annealer. Annealing is going to be increasing our brass life as well as making the standard deviations lower on our reloads which should help make our reloads more consistent. One of the best things about annealing is being able to do it very quickly without any real set-up time. So, if you want to reload 20 cartridges or 50 cartridges in 15 or 20 minutes we can do it quickly. It doesn't take very long to get through a lot of cartridges. However, one of the primary reasons for annealing is it's easy to set up, so quick and makes it more efficient to reload your Berger load data.

RCBS Chargemaster

Moving on down the line we're going to talk about RCBS chargemaster. A very common question is why would you want to buy this? The answer to the question is it dispenses powder and you don't have to measure it. However, it may not be exact every single time. If you have a fancy scale sitting next to it you might be surprised because it differs from charge to charge. It is so fast and so convenient being a little bit of a luxury item and if charging powder takes you any time at all this certainly speeds up the reloading process and is a great tool. Moreover, an auto powder dispenser is a great tool and can certainly speed up your reloading process and make it a lot more fun.

FX 120i Precision Balance

Moving on down the line is the FX 120i. You can pretty much measure the actual kernel of powder of whatever powder you're measuring. It's very accurate, very repeatable. This particular item has no auto trickier setup and it's not necessary when you do later testing a lot of times it's right on or you can adjust your powder charge by a kernel. If you decide to get one of these and you like toys you're probably not going to be disappointed. It's not going to speed up your loading process at best, it's going to make it a little bit more accurate. For speed, adding the powder trickier is certainly going to be the biggest change.

Power Trimmer

Power trimmer is probably the biggest tool to speed up your reloading process. Its function is actually to trim your cases to length. Once set up for calibre you can take about three to four seconds per case. Stick your case in there which you essentially end up with is a case. Anyway, every case is so consistent so keep in mind you want to have a fairly accurate resizing process because it does index off the shoulder. This thing is so fast and does such a great job of chamfering and deburring that it allows you to be more efficient with your reloading process as well as maintain very good accuracy.

Magnetospeed Chronograph

Last but not least we're going to talk about the magneto speed chronograph. The magneto speed attaches to your barrel. It's going to make contact with your barrel to be able to read your speeds but some people might not even consider a chronograph to be a reloading tool. It is very hard to get good accurate information about your reloads without it. The light-based chronographs are going to be able to get you very close to the ballpark of what you're shooting. However, you can do a little bit of accuracy testing with and without it. It's going to depend on your situation how much it may or may not affect your group's point of impact.