Are you going to surprise your mother with beautiful flowers for Mother's Day? Even if your mom says she doesn't want anything for Mother's Day this year, she'll be thrilled when you give her your favourite flowers. Certainly, when it is not possible to visit her yourself, you can of course order a beautiful bouquet online. Does your mother prefer a beautiful houseplant? This can be fun too! After all, she can enjoy this all year round and watch the plant grow.

When is it Mother's Day?

This year Mother's Day falls on Sunday 9 May 2021! This is of course the perfect opportunity to surprise your mother-in-law with a beautiful bunch of flowers and show her that you love her very much. At Blompost you see a great selection of fresh-cut flowers. They even have a webshop in Denmark where it’s called: send blomster in Danish and friske blomster in Danish. They have a wide range of gifts. So there is something for every mother to love!
Which flowers do you choose for your mother?

Moms who love pink!

For the mothers who love the colour pink, bouquets with pink roses, tulips or gerberas are very suitable! Of course, a pink bouquet is really a woman's bouquet. For example, the flowers can be mixed with lighter pastel shades, white tones, baby's breath and a little green. We're sure your mom will love it if she loves pink.

For the colourful and bright mothers

For the mothers who love colour, field bouquets are often a must! Field bouquets are also called picking bouquets. These beautiful and unique bouquets are made with various flowers in different colours, lengths and shapes. To ensure that colour returns, different types of flowers are used, such as roses, lilies and gerberas.

Mothers with green fingers

Some moms have real green fingers, they love gardening and taking care of plants. If, in addition to loving you, you also love her plants, it is nice to give her a houseplant or garden plant as a gift. That way she can get started on her own!

The mothers who love a big gesture

For the mothers who love a big gesture, you will of course pull out all the stops! A beautiful large bunch of flowers that can be an eye-catcher in the living room and where she can proudly say that she received these from her son(s) or daughter(s). She loves that! Think of a large vase filled with a mix of strong flowers.

Mothers who like simple

There are also mothers who are also satisfied without a big gesture. You can of course buy her a nice house plant such as an orchid. She will also enjoy this immensely!

For the mothers who are no longer with us

This day can sometimes be a bit more difficult for those who no longer have their mother. For those without a mother or the mothers without a child, you can buy beautiful white flowers in commemoration.

Caring for Plants

Choose the right place for the vase

Before you put your bouquet in the water, it is good to think about the place for the vase. Choose a spot that is far enough away from the heater or stove. This prevents your flowers from drying out prematurely and losing their charm. Also, do not place the vase near a door or window. Cut flowers are also sensitive to drafts. Do you want to put your vase with flowers on the table soon? Then temporarily move the fruit bowl to another place. Some types of fruit secrete ethylene gas, which makes the book go bad more quickly.

1. Make sure that the plants get enough light.

Flowering plants need more light than green plants. As a rule, flowering plants can be put on the windowsill, while green plants should be placed deeper in the room.

2. Water the plants.

Flowering plants need water almost every day when exposed to direct sunlight. Do not give them too much water and feel if they are dry with your fingers. Water should not be left in the pot for too long. Drain the excess water an hour after watering. Green plants should normally be slightly dry if watered once or twice a week.

3. Feed the plants.

Flowering plants should be fed every time they are watered in the summer and once a week in the winter. Green plants should be fed once a week in the summer and once a month in the winter.

4. Check if the plants are healthy.

Mites are the most common pest. They make the leaves yellow and white underneath. Remove the infected parts if you discover mites. Remove the plants from the window and clean the window and pot before placing new plants. Aphids are also common in plants. Mix skimmed milk with water and spray the plants with the mixture. Rinse with warm water the next day and most of the lice will disappear. You can also get a remedy from your florist to get rid of it.

Try not to water the plants too much as this will make them more susceptible to disease.