The Baby's skin is sensitive, so it needs extra care and protection. When you choose baby jewellery always keep comfort in mind. Earlier there were limited options in baby jewellery, but today there are many options especially in earring styles.

Screw back diamond earrings for little girls and hoop style earrings are some most preferred ones. But most parents get confused regarding the two styles.

Screw back earrings offers a perfect fit that is secured and safe for your baby. And hoop style earrings make endearing wear, and it's secured as well. Which one is the right for your baby - baby hoop earrings or screw back earrings.

Screw back earring style for babies

Screw back style is designed to keep your child's safety in mind. The safety screw back style comes in the thread, and they screw tightly down to the rod. It makes it difficult for your little one to remove it and put it in the mouth. Once you twist the earrings, there is no chance they will come out.

Most parents prefer the earring style for small babies. It’s the most popular choice for baby shoots. Baby screw back earrings don't endlessly twist like the adult version, and it fits properly making it the safest option. Screw back styles are available in different metals and designs for your babies.

Hoops for babies

Hoop earrings are also a great choice but for toddlers and not babies. For babies, it can be heavy, and they may feel uncomfortable. Though hoop style also offers a snuggle fit, which makes all the difference.

Your little one can wear hoop-style earrings if you supervise them. Hoop earrings look more elegant and that is the reason most parents prefer the style in the baby shoot. If your baby's skin is sensitive then you will have to choose a metal that suits right. Metal can cause an allergic reaction and harm your baby's skin.

Some screw back and hoop style earrings you can choose from:

Cubic zircon sterling silver earrings

This is the most preferred style in girls screw back earrings and also the most popular one. It is perfect for babies and toddlers. Set in throng style, it is made from sterling silver. It provides comfort and ultra-fit.

The treaded post makes sure there is no harm to your little one's skin. A complete seal ensures that the earrings don't move. It features a metal stamp of 925.

Silver small hoop earring for girls

It’s the best choice for toddlers and small girls. The hoop earrings are perfect for daily use as they come with a secured fitting. The best part is; the earring style suits sensitive skin. It features a metal clamp of 925. The earrings can be purchased for special occasions or photoshoots of toddlers. It simply looks amazing on little ones.

To sum up,

Most parents still prefer the screw-back earrings styles for their comfort and safety. What is your choice of earrings? Do you think it is safe to buy a hoop for your little ones? Do share your views with us.