There are businesses of all types and kinds. And all of them need SEO to live and succeed in the current scenario. But a small business that is trying to balance between business and digital marketing, knows that SEO is the key to their digital success. But on the other hand, every small business that decides to embrace SEO has a list of questions of what, why and how about SEO.

Therefore, we bring you all the answers that SEO for small business owners seek.

Let's start with the first question, "What is SEO?"

When the whole SEO wave started, some of the common understanding of what is SEO was:
  1. SEO is a market research
  2. SEO is keyword research
  3. SEO is about building a website and more.
So, what would it be??? SEO is not just one of the above but is a combination of all the above and more. In other words, SEO in short can be defined as the process or tool that helps you establish, expand and grow your business in the digital space.

What does SEO for small business owners consist of?

Though SEO focuses on an array of services, the key elements that small businesses need are as followers:
  1. Website: A well designed, written, fast and multiple platform friendly website. 
  2. Content: A well themed, written and targetted content for all of the digital communication.
  3. Content marketing: Conceptualizing and creating engaging and interactive content like blogs, campaigns.
  4. On-page optimization: Basic optimization that aims at defining the right titles, URL, meta tags and other HTML codes that help you crawl through the SERP.
  5. Local SEO: As a small business, local SEO is extremely important for you to reach out to the immediate customers around you.
  6. Image building: Creating a positive and trustworthy brand image with the use of backlinking, reviews and feedbacks.

Once your whats are done, the immediate question that strikes small business owners is, "why should I embrace SEO?"

  1. Considering that digital presence is a must, SEO is the only way to exist in the virtual space.
  2. As a small business that has limited budgets for marketing, SEO is an effective tool that operates in diverse budgets. In short, you can implement SEO without burning your pockets.
  3. The digital world is filled with competition and no wonder you see so many ADs popping up. With the support of SEO, you can fetch your space in the digital AD space.
  4. With various levels of competitors existing, SEO proves to be a great tool to swim with the sharks (competitors) without being eaten up.
  5. Brand building is a long term journey and SEO is that tool that makes this journey growing and sustainable.
Now that what and why is understood and clear, the final or defining question is "How should I find SEO for small business owners." Firstly, there is no dearth of SEO agencies out there who could give you the best packages. Therefore, there is no question of where to find SEO for small business owners. The question is how to find it. Therefore, we bring you a set of questions that you need to ask SEO agencies. The answers would lead you to a suitable agency.
  1. what is the plan to improve my business SEO? This question is aimed to understand how the agency functions. In other words, what is the primary strategy that the agency feels will be suitable for your business?
  2. What is your core SEO forte? This question aims to understand the overall skill set of the organization. Not all agencies are capable of providing ala carte SEO services. Therefore, this question gets you the information about all services the agency provides.
  3. What will be the services that my business would need every month? Considering that SEO is a long term agency, this question aims to gauge what the agency thinks would be the ideal duration of the association and what all services will be included.
  4. What are your link building strategy and sources? One of the key aspects of SEO is to build your digital brand image. This is done by organic as well as paid style. This question will help you understand how the agency looks at it. Agencies that aim to build the brand image the organic way must be preferred.
  5. Can you share your past case studies and milestones? This question as you can clearly see aims to understand whether the agency walks the talk. Or to understand whether what the agency claims to be is true or false. The answer to this question also helps you understand not just how the agency functions, but also to see the level of dedication the agency incorporates while working.
  6. Whether and what reports you shall submit? One of the biggest facets of SEO or digital marketing for that matter is that it lets you know the performance of the strategy with numbers. That's what reports do. There are various reports that help understand different aspects of SEO. Therefore, this question is aimed to check whether the agency is open to creating reports and share. If yes, how often. This helps you understand how effective the agency has been working on SEO strategy.
  7. What is the review process? This last but the defining question. This question aims to understand how receptive the agency is to reviews and rectifications. SEO strategy can be reviewed and rectified as it proceeds. However, that shall happen only when the Singapore Marketing Agency reviews the strategy at regular intervals. Therefore, this question will help you understand what is the review structure of the agency.
With the help of the mentioned questions and an understanding of what SEO is, you are ready to embark on the SEO journey. However, you may think that when you understand well and there are tools online to help you do SEO yourself, why do you need an agency???

The answer is simple: "Let the experts do the job." In other words, SEO is a skill in itself and it would yield results when done by an expert.