Activities with Your Kids

Being part of the family and having your own is the most valuable gift in your life. It’s a gift that shouldn’t be taken for granted but instead nurtured. Parents play a crucial role in shaping children’s life. And to do that properly they should be able not just financially provide for them but also to spend enough time with their children that will help them create a strong bond, grow and develop.

Parents tend to think that it’s about quantity when spending time with their kids. But it’s the quality of time that it’s the most important. As children grow older, spending time with them becomes tougher. So, try to enjoy every moment with your loved ones and spend as much time as possible with them. 

Why Family is Important

Family and parents form children’s first relationship with the world. They are teachers and role models to their children, showing them how to experience the world they live in. Having strong bonds with family have various benefits for a child’s life. 
  • Sense of Security – probably the most important thing about family is knowing you’re secured all the time. You know you’ll have at least one person you can count on when things go wrong
  • A Stress Reliever – If you’re under pressure, talking to your loved ones might help you reduce stress. Communicating your problems and worries with the ones you trust eases the pain.
  • Self-Esteem – Kids who spend quality time with their parents are more confident and have better self-esteem. They are more sociable, making it easy for them to build relationships with others.
  • Parents as Influencers – enjoying family activities not only creates memories for kids but also helps them cultivate their parents' behaviours. It's a well-known fact that kids, especially at a young age, are like sponges - they absorb whatever they see their parents do and then imitate the behaviour. To have a positive impact on your kids, always have in mind what you’re saying or doing in front of them.


Use your weekend to organize a camping trip with your family. Camping is a great idea to spend some time with your kids while providing them with an opportunity to learn about survival skills and wildlife. There's nothing better than being surrounded by nature and taking a break from today’s technology use. While you're there in the woods, you could use a chance and organize a picnic too. Just bring a picnic basket with you and fill it with delicious dishes. To make a moment memorable – set up a fire and start telling stories to entertain yourself and your kids.

Dance Classes

Dancing is a great way to bond with your children. It is a healthy activity that can help keep them distracted in a positive and beneficial way for their mental and physical development. If your kids want to take up dancing, parents should always encourage sending them to dance classes. If you do not want your kids to spend all their time engrossed on smartphone and tablet screens, you need to divert their attention towards activities that can have a positive impact. Ultimately, this will help them pick up a great new skill, improve socialization and strengthen their mental fortitude.

Sport Activities

Use your spare time to learn a new sport as a family. It could be basketball, bowling, riding a bike or learning how to ride a scooter. This will provide you with physical exercise and fun for all the family members. Going for a bike or scooter ride is good exercise. If you're looking for an excellent and reliable scooter for you and your kids, check out what kind of a fantastic offer Scooter Village has. If you want a more organized ride, you could map your route before leaving a house. Make it even more fun by choosing new destinations each time you go for a ride.

Get Creative

Encouraging your kids to be creative offers them many intellectuals, emotional and health benefits. Creativity helps kids express their powerful imaginations, making the world a more colourful place. To encourage your kids’ creativity as a parent, there are some activities you could consider. For example, put on a play in your home. Kids could create an exciting screenplay, and you could help them out with putting together costumes. Once everything’s done, put on a play for the rest of the family and don’t forget to record these moments to look back on in the future.

One more way to get your kids creative is by showing them origami – an art of paper folding. It’s the least economical activity but the best way to keep your kids entertained and curious.

Visit an Art Museum

Take them to the local museum to help your kids learn about art. Most museums are free for kids and have lots of exciting activities designed especially for kids to make it more fun for them. Nowadays, there are loads of interactive museums with plenty of family activities. These activities help your kids and family mix enjoyment with education - it gives you an opportunity to play while learning. Let your kids choose an activity and art exhibition they’d like to visit and let them explore it at their pace.

Be Your Own Chef

Cooking activities are a messy but fun opportunity to spend time with your kids. It's a great way to teach your kids how to cook while learning new tricks. This is also an excellent chance to install a few healthy tips in your family’s kitchen routine. So many recipes are waiting for you and your kids to try out. And depending on your kids’ age, you can adjust cooking activities to no-bake recipes, including using the oven.


Spending time with your family helps you create a sense of belonging and a place where you can share your fears, problems, values or ideas. We no longer feel alone in this world when we know we’ll always have someone who’ll have our back no matter what.

In today's busy world and long work hours at a job, sometimes spending time with your family and fitting it into your busy schedule could be a tricky thing to do. Children grow up fast and are gone before you realize it, so make sure you spend every moment of your free time with them. After all, families that have strong bonds are better at coping with problems and setbacks in everyday life. Hopefully, some of these activities from the list above will give you an idea to organize a fun activity which will help you bond with your loved ones.