You heard me right. Stop wearing a bra this summer. I do not just mean the women out there with A cups. I mean everyone. No matter your bra size or shape. Let us talk about why boob sweat collecting in your old school bras should be a thing of the past this summer. Let me introduce you or reintroduce you for those of you familiar, to your new best summer friend for your summer clothes, bra tape.

Boobs Meet Tape - A Match Made in Heaven

I know that you are thinking there is no way on earth you would want to strap your boobs down with boob tape in the dead heat of summer. I get it. I was a sceptic too. I am here to tell you that boob tape has come a long way. The right brands are comfortable, lightweight, and hold all day and night. No matter the heat or humidity. Below we will talk about why I have turned into a summer boob tape addict. I will also introduce you to one of my favourite brands out there, BoobHold.

A New Generation of Tape

I have been there. I'm sure many of you have been too. You try on a shirt in a dressing room or when it gets delivered in the mail. It fits perfectly, and you are absolutely in love with it. It is just what you were looking for to go with the summer skirt, pair of shorts or jeans. You have the outfit all planned out, down to the jewellery and shoes. The only problem is you do not own any bras that work with the top, and no matter how you try to configure the multi-way bra you bought at one of the giant lingerie retailers, it just does not look right. We all know what happens next. The top gets pushed to the back of the closet or dresser drawer and never gets to see the sunlight or nightlife. It is all too common. I found the answer in boob tape, and more specifically, BoobHold. I had tried boob tapes in the past. They never stayed put and were complicated and painful to apply and remove. By the end of the day, I hated how I looked in the outfit I was wearing. BoobHold is different, and I am so glad I found it. The company has covered all the main concerns and then some. Their tape is:

  • Hypoallergenic and 100% latex-free for those with allergies.
  • Easy to apply and pain-free to remove.
  • Lightweight yet strong. This stuff holds you in all day or all night.
  • Comes in black and four different shades of skin tone, so that it can be completely invisible under your clothes.
One of the things I love about their brand is that it is incredibly inclusive. They cater to women of every size and prominently feature women with larger breasts using the products on their site. You can tell by the website photos and videos how amazing women feel wearing it and that it works no matter your size. If you check out their site, you will see what I mean. These are women who need support, and BoobHold offers just that.

Your Closet Will Thank You

Along with boob tape, I have made double-sided fashion tape and nipple covers a standard part of my summer kit. I know I am not the only woman guilty of keeping things in my closet that I have never worn. Or that still have the tags on them. I cannot seem to let them go. They fit perfectly, and I love them. Boob tape, double-sided fashion tape, and nipple covers have easily increased my wearable wardrobe by a third. After watching a few of the videos online showing the application process, I felt like a professional. All the low-cut free-flowing maxis, lightweight strappy tanks, and plunging back tops, not to mention halters coming back into style, are now a wardrobe possibility. I have finally gotten to wear them. If you put together a summer kit like mine and try out a boob tape like BoobHold, I bet my money you end up having a comfortable and fabulous braless summer, just like me. Enjoy it!