Manu WorldStar featuring Gemini Major

Manu WorldStar has released the music video for his current single, Short Story, which is his first single release as he advances AfroPiano.

Manu WorldStar took to Instagram on Thursday, 22 July 2021, to confirm the availability of the Short Story music video, featuring Gemini Major. The single was released on Friday, 16 July 2021, and marks the first collaboration between the two musicians. According to the single’s description, “Short Story is an incredible single which combines the hottest genre in Africa right right, Amapiano with the last genre to take the continent by storm, AfroBeats, to create what one might call, AfroPiano.”

Therefore, in the Studio Space Pictures-shot music video, the aim was to use the title as the premise. The music video provides a glimpse of what a night out for the two musicians and their entourage would look like. The music video was shot at the new and popular club, Drama, which is located in Braamfontein. Moreover, an additional guest cameo in the music video is Mariechan. The musician is believed to be in a relationship with Manu WorldStar, which would explain her cameo.

Watch the Short Story music video below.